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Waning Influence? Part 3: Ups and Downs, by Industry


Overall spending on lobbying has been on a downward trajectory since 2010 and the number of active lobbyists has seen an even longer-term and more drastic drop. 1,119 more words


Sony No Stranger to Hacks, Has Lobbied on Cybersecurity Since 2008


The U.S. government Friday officially accused North Korea of being behind the recent, massive hack of emails and other confidential information at Sony Pictures… 517 more words


Dems Won’t Be Missing Cuban Money They Weren’t Getting


Wednesday’s decision by President Barack Obama to normalize relations with Cuba left many Cuban-Americans and their political allies seething. Obama cited a number of reasons for his move, but one he didn’t menton is likely that the group of wealthy Cuban-Americans who have played such an active role in supporting politicians who opposed normalizing relations simply aren’t viewed as the political threat they once were. 791 more words


"From the very core of our being, we simply desire contentment."

Lets get something straight, I don’t prepare any of my writing. You get to read my, mostly, unfiltered thoughts. Mostly, only because I have thought about this very big subject for around a decade. 420 more words

New Cuba Policy Strikes Blow to Anti-Castro Lobby


The Obama Administration dealt a major blow to the anti-Castro Cuba lobby today, announcing the United States and Cuba would engage in a regular diplomatic relationship for the first time in more than 50 years. 546 more words


Jeb Bush’s Rivals Already Running


Former Florida Governor and ex-First Brother Jeb Bush announced his plans to start a fundraising committee next month, and immediately some big names in GOP money — such as Florida developer Mel Sembler — got behind him. 1,159 more words


Club for Growth Names New President After Lackluster Returns in ’14


Following mixed results in the 2014 midterms, Club for Growth last week announced a change of leadership.

As of Jan. 1, former Indiana Rep. … 626 more words