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Lobbying Decline Continues, But Slows to a Trickle


It wasn’t a great year for Washington lobbyists, nor was it a terrible year. But according to a Center for Responsive Politics analysis of the now-complete 2014 lobbying disclosure data, federal lobbying expenditures declined yet again. 840 more words


In the Garden of Dark Money, the Thorny Case of Rosebush Corp.


Ever since news broke in 2013 that the IRS had targeted the exemption applications of tea party and some other politically-oriented groups for extra scrutiny, conventional wisdom had it that the agency throws up roadblocks for organizations trying to obtain its seal of approval. 2,134 more words


Five Realities Five Years After: The Post-Citizens United Landscape


Happy anniversary! It has been five years since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision that shook up the world of campaign finance. Not all the changes came at once, but they’ve evolved to create a much different terrain for candidates running for office and for people of means who take an interest in politics. 1,235 more words


Who Cares About SOTU? We Have a Few Guesses


The economy is growing steadily, unemployment is down, the stock market is soaring, gas prices are diving. Good luck getting a rise out of someone by mentioning the deficit at a Washington dinner party, something that would have been unimaginable in the not-so-distant past. 2,464 more words


State by State: Where 2014’s Campaign Cash Came From, and Where It Went


It’s no secret that our political process lavishes more attention on some states than others. Witness the long list of presidential contenders making pilgrimages to New Hampshire and Iowa, for example. 668 more words


Immigration Not the Only Issue for Homeland Security Lobby


As the Department of Homeland Security funding bill seems all but dead due to GOP attempts to roll back the president’s actions on immigration, a variety of interested parties that have little to do with border policy are left hanging on the sidelines. 362 more words


Wall Street’s Investments in Deregulation


Wall Street did its part to make 2014 the most expensive midterm election ever, outpacing its 2010 total and once again putting the bulk of its financial muscle behind GOP candidates and groups. 1,312 more words