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Republican Dues Crackdown Pays Off


Facing a multimillion dollar shortfall when compared to their Democratic rivals, top House GOP leaders organized a crackdown on members last month, demanding they pay party “dues” — regular contributions to the… 700 more words


Politiquizz: Hot, Hot, Hot


(Photo: Dog’s Empire)

Members of Congress will have a lot on their plate when they return from summer recess early next month ― but for some, one of their biggest concerns may be holding on to their jobs come November. 506 more words


Gather Ye Contributions, In Bulk


Seven-figure political contributions are a regular feature of politics this decade, but only outside groups like super PACs are allowed to accept such large checks. 804 more words


Primary Threat in Alaska has GOP Establishment Shuddering


In Alaska’s Senate primary race, the Republican establishment has downplayed threats to its top candidate, Dan Sullivan. Yet his challengers, Joe Miller and Mead Treadwell… 469 more words


Waning Influence, Part 2: Does Congressional Gridlock Lock Up K Street?


As the total amount of money spent on lobbying continues to fall, many analysts — including the staff at the Center for Responsive Politics — cite congressional gridlock as a cause of the decline. 1,843 more words


Obama Campaign Alums Still In Demand In 2014


Each election cycle, political vendors — advertising firms, direct mail companies, fundraising professionals, and the like — are paid billions of dollars to flood airwaves and mailboxes, but most voters never hear their names. 690 more words


NCAA Is On Its K Street A-Game


Facing an onslaught of challenges to its long-held rules enforcing student amateurism, the National Collegiate Athletic Association is going pro in the lobbying arena. After hiring an outside firm, the NCAA has been doling out record amounts on K Street this year. 313 more words