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Planilha "excel" curso básico em andamento - Aula 3 - funções somase. Novas turmas, inscreva-se!

A função “somase” reduz o tempo de administração, controles e relatórios.

Os dados constantes nas celulas, bem como nas colunas podem ser calculados em conjunto ou separadamente, 171 more words


My First Experience with Codeignitor

After 10 years of PHP development, I got a chance to develop something with codeignitor. I fount it awesome experience, the simplest framework ever developed. I had to revamp a legacy application developed long back in php 4 and the application had a good user base. 41 more words


Legal issues for FOSS producers and users | Opensource.com

When Versata Software sued Ameriprise Financial Services for breaching its software license, it unwittingly unearthed a GPL violation of its own and touched off another lawsuit that could prove to be a leading case on free and open source software licensing. 34 more words


How to monitor Oracle Database through nagios

check_oracle_health is a plugin to check various parameters of an Oracle database. This perl plugin has to be installing it on running oracle linux server. 293 more words


Nagios migration to a new Linux server

Here we are going to see the steps to migrate the nagios core from one linux server to another with different architecture.

While transferring all of the existing data, defined hosts, services, email alert scripts and Pnp4nagios data. 191 more words


Planilha "excel" curso básico - Aula número 2 - gravar macros.

AULA 2 -Gravar Macros.

Gravar uma macro -> na barra “tool” ou “ferramentas” → procuramos por “macro”

damos um clic em “gravar” macro.

→ Observe que na barra de opções sure a mensagem “gravar macro” isso indica que a opção gravar está ativada, podemos então iniciar qualquer atividade na área do documento, no caso “planilha”. 294 more words


REDx 2014, Red Eye Flux

Last weekend I was in Hyderabad, Attending REDx 2014. Thanks to LVPEI and MIT Media labs for bringing this to us.

It was an awesome learning experience. 420 more words