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Today I learned: Naming is important

During the try to get some publicity for Brofiler CxxProf I got a lot of feedback regarding the name. I already knew that ‘Bro’ was kind of negative, but I did not think that it was that bad. 109 more words


Heartbeat, complexity, and common-mode failure

“The Heartbleed problem can be blamed on complexity; all Internet standards become festooned with complicating option sets that no one person can know in their entirety.

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Why GNU/Linux?

Why not?

It’s the manual-transmission of operating systems. Most distributions include a full suite of free software to be creative/productive at no cost, a community willing to share their knowledge to help you get started, and did I mention it was free? 293 more words


The Journey begins................ [Gsoc series - 1]

And finally I got selected for Google summer of Code 2014 for Mozilla Organisation. Finally one of my dream comes true. I dreamed this one year before, when i came to know about Gsoc in a mozilla event in my college (NIT Trichy,Tamilnadu) where Sujith Reddy “a awesome mozillan/moz rep and a good friend ” explained to us about this.My journey to open source started from that day.I choose Mozilla as my first open source organisation.I don’t know why at that time I choose Mozilla , but now i realize that my decision was 100% right. 149 more words

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Ser professor é fazer o que mais gosta, e gostar ainda mais do que faz!

Profissão e profissionalismo requerem boa formação acadêmica, excelente experiência, ótima formação pessoal.
O século 20, apontava para lucro fácil, rápido, sem esforço algum, o que não se materializou, a máquina se modernizou, acelerou, encurtou distancias depurou as exigências da qualidade e deu vida, força e vigor ao mercado, criou-se a economia de mercado, esqueceram seus idealizadores de que na outra ponta há seres humanos. 463 more words


The Forgotten "F": A Tale of Fedora's Foundations

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Fedora’s Foundations: “Freedom, Friends, Features, First”, particularly in relation to some very sticky questions about where certain things fit (such as third-party repositories, free and non-free web services, etc.) 681 more words


The ‘Open’ Heartbleed

Before I start, let me; let everyone know that I’m not a fan of opensource, to the extent that you can call me anti opensource. 2,969 more words

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