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Day 40 - Time to Get Webby

And on the 40th day….

It's time to dig down into Django, and other forms of web development now. With some of the things that I'll have to do, it makes sense to get my arms around web development with Python, since it (Python) will probably be the language I'll use most as a true programmer. 248 more words


Idioma Alemão: Artigos definidos e Indefinidos

Muitos estudantes ouvem sobre os artigos identificadores das palavras no Idioma Alemão, alguns buscam entender, outros simplesmente os tem por muito dificil de serem estudados e fixados. 292 more words


What we build at ForgeRock...

Since I’ve started working at ForgeRock, I’ve had hard times to explain to my non-technical relatives and friends, what we were building. But those days are over. 15 more words


Day 39 - Simple Regular Expression

The last few days have been tough. I've felt bad about not blogging my progress, though the time seems to get away from me, and I just don't set aside 5-10min to sit down and do it. 322 more words


Pnp4nagios - Graph Report Setup

It is an addon for the Nagios Network Monitoring System. PNP provides easy to use, easy to configure RRDTools based performance charts feeded by the performance data output of the Nagios Plugins. 1,382 more words


Day 38 - String Encoder

New tool in the toolbox.

In section four of the , we begin working on a simple cryptographic example, where we attempt to solve a problem with an encrypted message. 227 more words


NRPE(Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) Installation and Setup

Nagios Server:

Hostname: server.local
IP Address:

Nagios Client:

Hostname: client.local
IP Address:

Step 1: Create Nagios user account on remote server to be monitored… 1,262 more words