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Fog Computing

The term “fog computing” or “edge computing” means that rather than hosting and working from a centralized cloud, fog systems operate on network ends. It is a term for placing some processes and resources at the edge of the cloud, instead of establishing channels for cloud storage and utilization.  837 more words

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Python - Linguagem de Programação - A agilidade, robustez e praticidade é a diferença!


Os logaritmos possuem inúmeras aplicações no cotidiano, a Física e a Química utilizam as funções logarítmicas nos fenômenos em que os números adquirem valores muito grandes, tornando-os menores, facilitando os cálculos e a construção de gráfico. 331 more words


Ghost: CVE-2015-0235 - Linux glibc's Vulnerability

Triggered by the gethost functions, GHOST (CVE-2015-0235) is a serious vulnerability in the Linux GNU C Library library. It is as severe as… 187 more words


How to install OpenCart on CentOS

OpenCart is used to create and run your own online business by creating an online store, then you should consider to use OpenCart.

OpenCart is powerful, user friendly and free online shopping cart platform based on PHP. 206 more words


Day 5 - Toying with TDD

As I said a couple posts ago, there are other topics I'd like to consider during this attempt at the 180Days challenge. One of them is the idea of Test Driven Development, or in other words, 'test before you publish'. 182 more words


Day 4 - Advanced Views and URLs

Catching up on a few posts…. I've been making progress, but failing to post about them, so here goes:

On Day 4, which was roughly 5 days ago, I took Lecture 5 of the Learn Python Django from scratch course. 349 more words


Go Programming language - Now is better than never

What is Go?

A new programming language. (First release on November 2009, 1.0 in March 2012.)

In a nutshell:

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