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Today, I Set Up Ubuntu Server with OpenSSH On an Old Laptop

I want to learn how to run a server, so I decided to just do it. These are the steps I went through:

  1. I prepared the computer, an…
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Troubleshooting Large, Stalling git/ssh Transfers

Why is git/ssh stalling?

While working with the freebsd-ports repo on github in order to track and combine it with an internal remote repo, it was found to apparently stall during a git push to the internal remote repo. 305 more words


nbdkit now supports cURL -- HTTP, FTP, and SSH connections

nbdkit is a liberally licensed NBD (Network Block Device) server designed to let you connect all sorts of crazy disk images sources (like Amazon, Glance, VMware VDDK) to the universal network protocol for sharing disk images: … 184 more words

Как настроить подключение для root на OpenSSH

Как настроить подключение для root на OpenSSH
В этой статье я расскажу как можно настроить подключение в OpenSSH для того чтобы мог подключаться пользователь root. По умолчанию эта опция выключена ( для безопасности), но если кому то нужно разрешить подключение по SSH для рута, то это можно легко…

Installation of ssh server for debian-in-android (gnuroot)

Unlike traditional debian machine, you cannot install/run openssh-server inside a debain-in-android (gnuroot).  However, dropbear can be used instead.


- Install android app… 42 more words