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Screen Output

As seen from my previous blog post, I started following some tutorials on creating an Operating System for the Raspberry Pi. You can find the blog post  524 more words


Sql Server : CPU affinity mask or how to limit Sql Server to selected CPU (or processors or NUMA set)

Quick one today:

Recently, during troubleshooting an issue with one of our customers, some patterns emerged that indicated the possibility of resource contention for their repeated timeout issues. 758 more words


The Changing Microsoft

Think about a PC or a laptop and what flashes in your mind? Its Windows, a name without which the whole machine would just be useless. 491 more words


[Ubuntu] VIM E319:Sorry, the command not available in this version: syntax on





今天剛裝完ubuntu之後,想說來設定自己帳號的 (~/.vimrc)


set nu
syntax on


vi test.txt

E319:Sorry, the command not available in this version: syntax on

這個錯誤訊息很明白的提示,我目前用的vim version沒有支援syntax on command… 21 more words


Simple Raspberry Pi OS

Another of my little side projects I’ve been doing is following the online tutorials from Alexander Chadwick from the University of Cambridge. The tutorials are called Baking Pi, and shows you how to create a simple Operating System for the Raspberry Pi using Assembly language. 453 more words


Cisco IOS Bug Scrub Explained by Greg Ferro (Ethereal Mind)

Cisco has a business strategy to ship products early to deliver new features quickly this includes software and hardware. But this leads to a reputation for buggy code which means customers report bugs (and Cisco fixing them) as part of the testing process. 2,008 more words

Network Admin

How to fix the Tomcat 7 private instance and Eclipse integration error in Ubuntu

The first step as part of my journey in learning Spring MVC was to create a private instance of Tomcat 7. The procedure I had followed is documented as part of my earlier post: … 481 more words