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Or it seems like it! My latest MacBook Pro has frozen completely 3 times in the last fortnight. This machine has not been upgraded to mavericks… 34 more words


Windows XP: No nuts, no glory!

Hou je van sensatie, ben je een durfal, durf je risico’s te nemen of ben je een tikkeltje eigenwijs? Heb je minimaal een van deze vragen met “ja” beantwoord, dan ben je waarschijnlijk op zoek naar een kick en hou je van “Living on the edge”! 351 more words

Operating Systems

Useful Linux Commands

Locate PHP error logs on the server

grep 'error_log' /etc/php.ini | awk -F= '{ print $2; }'

Restart your bash_profile

. ~/.bash_profile

Change to your home directory… 225 more words


ZorinOS - For those migrating from WindowsXP

While discussing the Edn-of-Life of WindowsXP and how best to move forward, I was made aware of ZorinOS. I have downloaded it and am currently testing it out. 22 more words


Microsoft opens up Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview to all

Got a Windows Phone 8 device? If so, you can catch an early look at Microsoft’s next big update.

The company this morning made the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview available to anyone who signs up for a free developer account. 193 more words