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Priority Scheduling Assignment

The Priority Scheduling implementation is the second part of Pintos project-1.

I had to implement priority scheduling in pintOS. When a new thread is added to the ready list that has a higher priority than the currently running thread, the current thread should stop and yield the processor for the new higher priority thread that has come in. 282 more words

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Priority Scheduling, Inversion And Donation.

Priority Scheduling :-

Priority scheduling is used to schedule which process or thread next uses the CPU. Priorities (usually integers and in pintOS it is from 0 to 63) are assigned to each thread and among threads that are ready to run, the one with the highest priority is chosen next. 357 more words

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Q108: Priority Inversion

Question #108: Priority inversion refers to:


  1. Inverting the priority of the processes.
  2. A higher priority process blocked on a lower priority process.
  3. A lower priority process blocked on a higher priority process.
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The Alarm Clock Assignment

The first Project under PintOS was all about threads! Here is the link to the project requirement description

The Alarm Clock implementation is the first part of Pintos project-1. 184 more words

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Q106: FIFO vs. SJF

Question #106: In what situation, will the FIFO be better than SJF (shortest job first) in terms of average waiting time?


  1. FIFO can only be equal or worse than SJF.
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Research and Explain what boolean algerbra is?

In mathematics, Boolean algebra is the subarea of algebra in which the values of the variables are the truth values  189 more words

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