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Xiaomi to set up 18 stores in China by end of year, but not for selling phones or TVs

Even though Xiaomi’s been doing quite well in mainland China and Taiwan, you still won’t be able to find its products in brick-and-mortar stores, except for those of partner carriers and scalpers. 207 more words


How NASA launched its web infrastructure into the cloud

Among U.S. government agencies, the adoption of cloud computing hasn’t been moving full steam ahead, to say the least. Even though 2011 saw the Obama administration unveil the… 1,355 more words

Samsung's ChatOn service will shut down next year -- but not in the US

After denying reports that its ChatOn service was close to being disbanded on a region-by-region basis, Samsung has announced in Korea that it’s going away. According to… 99 more words

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I’ve recently completed the Capstone Project requirements towards an AAS degree in Computer Support.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview was released shortly after the quarter began and provided a relevant topic for my project. 503 more words


Development in Mobile Application Leading To Strong Enterprise Mobility

With the intimate relation between the advancement in smart phones and increasing business outputs, one should better understand the role of mobiles playing as bridges among the companies and their customers. 221 more words

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25. Saving an Article from the Internet as a PDF File.

Last time we looked at how to print an article that you found on the internet.  But suppose that you wish to send an article to a friend as an email attachment rather than as a hard copy through postal mail or rather than just sending the link to the article in an email message. 506 more words

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Considering a Chromebook?

Good! Chromebooks are great! But read this first…

I’ve been using a Chromebook for several months now. It has become a semi-essential device for me. I said, “semi-essential,” because I did get along okay before I had it, and I could get along okay without it – but I don’t want to get along without it, and I’ll replace it when it breaks. 808 more words

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