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23. Understanding Different Views of Your Files

Sometimes when you are a novice at any endeavor, even an easy task can seem daunting because of the form it is presented in.  Just as difficult as specialized nomenclature is the visual form of documents for those using computers. 1,399 more words

Operating Systems

Winsock fix for Windows 8

You might have tried many possibilities way to correct your internet connection issue. Here is the solution, this article will let you to fix Winsock problem on Windows 7/8 Operating system. 163 more words


Q132: Output of the following multithreaded program?

Question #132: What will be the output of the following program?

#include <pthread.h>

#define NUM_THREADS 4

void *work(void *i){

  printf("Hello, world from %i\n", pthread_self());



int main(int argc, char **argv){

  int i;

  pthread_t id;

  for(i = 0; i < NUM_THREADS; ++i){

    if(pthread_create(&id[i], NULL, work, NULL)){

      printf("Error creating the thread\n"); exit(19);



  printf("After creating the thread. 97 more words
Operating Systems

Apple delivers another Yosemite beta as vexing Wi-Fi issues persist

”Apple has come out with a second beta of Mac OS X Yosemite for developers, but it’s not clear whether this latest build will address the Wi-Fi problems that continue to affect an undetermined but apparently substantial number of users,” Juan Carlos Perez reports for IDG News Service. 250 more words


OS X 10.10.2 brings Safari 8.0.2, Mail 8.2 updates

”On Monday, Apple shipped OS X 10.10.1 and, now, they’re asking outside devs to begin testing a new incremental Yosemite update,” FairerPlatform reports. “OS X 10.10.2 14C68K is now available via the Mac App Store’s software update pane (Command + 5) and it brings app updates, as well as the usual bug fixes (we think).” 75 more words


Why hasn't Samsung's Tizen operating system taken off?

Samsung has made a lot of money selling smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system. So why is Samsung trying again (and again, and again) to build out a competing operating system? 939 more words


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