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Gaza in Plain Language

Ron Schofield 

about an hour ago

With even a minimal amount of investigation it should be quite clear Israel is the terrorist aided and abetted by the United States Government. 58 more words


'If our time comes, at least we will go together'

Meet Fouad, to the left, and Rami. These are Malak’s older brothers. Fouad is a bundle of energy who sprints more than he walks. Rami takes a more passive approach to life, spending much of his time watching over his younger siblings or sitting quietly with his leukemic father, absorbing his resilience and nurturing him as best as his little hands will allow him to. 632 more words


Israeli police rejects Hamas link to abduction of settlers

from Press TV

After three weeks of Israel’s bloody war on Gaza mainly under the pretext of alleged abduction of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas, the Israeli police have acknowledged that the kidnappers were not acting under the orders of the resistance movement. 87 more words

Palestinian Rights

Does the Iron Dome Really Work?

I’m an avid follower of world events. I have learned that watching the world gives me insight into every aspect of my life, from the price of my food to the odd behaviors of myself and my fellow man. 1,028 more words


Neocon Likudnik Bolton says "Vote YES! or DIE!"

by Scott Creighton

I got this somehow on my Twitter feed. It’s from neocon duel citizen Likudnik John Bolton and it’s a Hasbara/Megaphone type link to a poll about whether or not Israel is FULLY justified in their ongoing slaughter of 1. 246 more words

Operation Pillar Of Defense