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Traditions and Operations

Traditions is the first day of actual work, but it’s just a class where you watch videos and learn things about the company. You also get to tour around the parks “on stage” and “off stage.” Disney actually paid me to watch awesome exclusive videos and take an exclusive tour?! 449 more words


Tasha Brady tashabrady11@gmail.com 707 633 5280
Business Project Manager
Business Management sales/marketing leadership, operations management, project management and trade show management for multiple markets.
Notable Accomplishments… 439 more words

The Coffee Break. 27 August 2014.

Hello folks;

The usual rule applies; this coffee break is coming out a day early so that it will hit the 27th of August 2014. 397 more words


Study Shows Residents Use 30% More Energy When Owners Pay the Bills

File this under the category, “Studies that prove what we already knew”:

WegoWise, a building intelligence provider, has unveiled a utility bill study that for the first time demonstrates how incentive structures can make a substantial impact on building efficiency. 170 more words


A Clean Railway

One of the main aims of 2014 has been to tidy up the overall look of the railway. This has ranged from the restoration of the MOGO van… 199 more words


Expectations for the Class and Future

I am Walker Stripling, also known as one of Tottenham Hotspurs most adoring fans (especially after this weekend), as you can see by reading the toolbar.   369 more words


Small photo update

We’ve been really busy and have neglected to give any updates. We are installing finishes and plan to start installing fixtures in 2 -3 weeks. Planting starting soon as well. 82 more words