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Open Wide


Specsavers have been pestering me for months, to come and have an eye test. I haven’t had one for 3 years and I should have one annually! 298 more words


Signs of Aging

The universe has sent me a two-pronged message this week: 1) I am getting old, and 2) aging is taking its toll.

On Monday I visited the ophthalmologist for my annual checkup. 390 more words


The First of Many

As a young veterinarian working in a general practice, I’ve already figured out that about 80% of the time we just cruise along, vaccinating, running Coggins tests, writing health papers, floating teeth, practicing generic, cookbook medicine. 866 more words

First Year Of Work

Quick Reference to an Ophthalmologist in Indianapolis Preempts Issues

An optometric center such as Moody Eyes may not have the equipment to treat such fatal conditions, but it has the diagnostic skills necessary to determine if you are suffering from an eye disease. 73 more words


Sitting here in my breakfast room, savoring a second cuppa, Charlie is impatiently waiting for the morning walk. He’s always in it for himself, the tail wag and lopsided grin are a red herring covering up his real opinion of us. 424 more words

Get Your Eyes Checked Out - PART 1

When I sustained my concussion, the last thing I would have considered was any damage to my eyes. One day I was laying outside when I noticed a cloud of flying insects beside me. 233 more words


Needing Glasses

I recently discovered that I will probably need glasses as I think I might have myopia (which means I am think I am probably short-sighted) as words, letters, numbers and other characters become harder for me to read the further away they get. 190 more words