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How to write about Russia - 6 lessons from mainstream media

I wrote this post for Russia Insider, where it originally appeared last week.


As a reader of things on the internet, you’ll no doubt be aware, that journalists covering Russia have a different job to do than journalists covering, say… pretty much anything else. 1,092 more words


X Factor Elton v Whitney Week : Stevi's still standing

Not content with delivering just one bizarre musical battle theme per series, the X Factor producers played pop pot luck again this week and offered us an Elton John v Whitney Houston extravaganza. 368 more words



I recently saw a post that declared ” being famous on Instagram is like being rich on Monopoly, it’s not real so calm down,” and while I would like to agree, we must acknowledge that we do live in an age where you actually can be Instagram-rich. 934 more words


Day 69. I feel like it's necessary for me to talk about sex.

22nd of November

Even though it’s my mother’s birthday. I love you mom! You are the most wonderfully annoying and overly-caring person on earth and I can’t imagine my life without you! 558 more words


The Ched Evans Situation

Ched Evans has been in the headlines in the past few months, as he seeks to return to football having served half of a five-year sentence for raping a waitress in a hotel in Rhyl in April 2011. 606 more words


Crazy to love Winter?

No not crazy at all to love winter….
Whre i live its always summer and by that i mean that the temperature is like from 30 to 50 degree celcius idk is that how its written? 488 more words