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Life Is A Funny Funny Thing

The older we get, the older and more mature our children get. The more they want to separate from us the more we may want to hold on to them, yet let them spread their wings with independence we must. 349 more words


Resurrection of Christ

Many people don’t believe in the resurrection of Christ—it is not possible, it defies god’s plan, etc.  But for those who really deem themselves as true Christians, Paul states that one must believe this to be true for their faith to be true/strong.  268 more words



America has undergone many changes throughout the last two centuries.  We have seen the abolishment of slavery, rights given to the Natives of this land, and, even gave women civil rights.  1,336 more words


On Montaigue; Of Inequality

Of Inequality

I, like most people have faced the reality of discrimination and inequality which our race has continued to display from the beginning of time.  746 more words


Cannabis on the Rise

Weed, pot, dankenstein, hippie shit, nuggs, Mary Jane, it goes by many names.  Marijuana, the most correct and politically used term in the United States for Cannabis, is what I will be using when I refer to this substance.  1,438 more words


Kiss Kiss

Why do women always have to wear make-up and why can’t men?  To tell you the truth I have no idea your guess is as good as mine.  646 more words


Jane Eyre the Black Sheep

From Gateshead to Lowood, Thornfield, Witcross or Marsh End Jane Eyre is always the “black sheep”.  She never really feels as though she “fits in” really quite anywhere.  610 more words