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Why Being a Math Ninja Makes You a Better Programmer or You Too Can Be a Geek!

Imagine your boss comes in and tells you to write some code that will allow customers to do analysis on their social media data. The customers want to find the degrees of separation from Linus Torvalds (kind of like the Erdos number in math or the Bacon number, which is the degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon) and themselves on the social network. 1,475 more words


The Five Computer Languages You Must Know for Marketability

There are probably more than five, but let’s start there.

  1. C/C++ — Despite being a really old language, I consider C to be a must — it is the Latin of computer languages (although still very much used compared to Latin).
  2. 1,215 more words

Should you get an MS in Software Engineering

Followers of my blog read about software management principles in software development among technical articles. A natural question one might have is, should I go get an MS in Software Engineering too? 615 more words


A Lone Gunman, Racism, and Australian Pride

Monday morning started just like any other. I woke up, had some coffee, and cooked breakfast for my children. I had a headache — the remnant of the World’s Worst Hangover that I’d suffered through the day before — but I was awake and alert and happy. 1,471 more words


Editorial: Site C decision is good for British Columbia

The provincial government deserves praise for finally deciding to build the critically needed Site C dam and for ignoring the usual humdrum horde of howling hysterics in B.C. 238 more words


Finding The Asian Australian Identity In A Multicultural Oz

As a Chinese person living in Australia, defining who I am as an Asian Australian has always been tough. If you come from a mixed family or have moved around quite a bit, you might feel this way too. 840 more words



Tribes aren’t just informal groups of individuals in a given area and aren’t limited to the indigenous populations of various geographic areas, at least not as the dictionary defines it. ¬† 399 more words