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Jordan Bateman: Showing wages brings accountability to bands

It’s the level of government very few British Columbians ever think about. More than two hundred aboriginal bands, each with elected chiefs and councils, managing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal and provincial tax money. 565 more words


It's Rough Out Here as a Freelance Writer

So right now I feel like ranting a little bit. Things had been moving along quite well in my freelance writing career and I was very pleased with the progress I have made in the last year as a whole. 366 more words


Even a hammer-wielding thunder god has to change

Note: More on my commentary about the recent change in Thor … and when I say more I mean I just fleshed out an earlier post.  683 more words


New Slaves

I can’t stand fashion,
Doing something because a higher power says it’s cool to do,
Wearing something you’re uncomfortable in and you know it doesn’t suit you, 168 more words


Spiritual snobbery...

I’ve been engaging my grey cells and musing on bemusing things this morning. I may need to take a lay down after this synaptic storm of activity subsides! 1,236 more words

Why I'm Equally Interested In Buying A House And Travelling

An article was recently published on interest.co.nz about a young women who was more interested in saving for a home loan than going on an OE. 351 more words



La noticia que sorprendió a todos el día de hoy fue la renuncia del Secretario Ejecutivo de la Mesa de Unidad Democrática, Ramón Guillermo Aveledo, dicha renuncia ocurre tras la… 1,044 more words

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