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Windsor Castle: a place of fairytales and a fiendish ogre

It’s Easter weekend and the royal town of Windsor is packed to the brim, almost bursting at the seams.

Town roads resemble parking lots, sidewalks bustle with life and people queue as far as the eye can see to enter Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. 508 more words


Mildly Independent.

I like to consider myself mildly independent. I can handle things on my own and know when to call for help. I can check my oil, can take the car in when it needs oil, I can fill a mildly low tire with air. 796 more words


Casual Attitudes Towards Malware......

The printer is broken…..They deleted the file share again……Thirteen new patches came out today that need to be applied……………IT ( it or Information Technology) never ends. 838 more words

Business Security

The unlearning of creativity

Are people being led away from creativity?

We all start out with a very creative mind, as we haven’t had chance to learn anything yet, so we naturally, and, arguably, instinctively opt for creativity, hence such heavy emphasis being placed on colours, rhymes, drawing and songs when we’re very young, as this has been proven to be the easiest way for us to learn, fact. 246 more words


Congratulations! You've been scammed!

I’ve always pictured my parents as invincible—two superheroes who not only gave me sound advice growing up, but were always there to pick me up when I fell. 649 more words


A look at the factors driving a resurgence within the UK music industry.

By Oliver Ayre – May, 2013

According to PRS, in 2011 the UK music industry generated revenues totalling approximately £3.8 billion (PRS, 2012), almost ten percent of the UK’s current £36 billion creative sector (GOV.UK, 2013). 4,738 more words