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Short review: “The Best in the World at What I have No Idea”

I finished Chris Jericho’s “The Best in the World at What I have No Idea” last Sunday. All in all it’s pretty good. It’s not like “A Lion’s Tale” where he gives lessons about how to get started in wrestling and there aren’t as many hurdles for Y2J as there were during his first WWF/WWE run like they were in “Undisputed.” Don’t get me wrong, Jericho gets into some pickles, but the situations he finds themselves in are some of the pitfalls that come with being a top WWE star. 178 more words


Opinion: An Organic Lifestyle

I visited Kristi’s farm on a perfect late September day.  Not a single cloud marked the vast, Maya blue sky.  It was cold enough to feel like fall but warm enough to want to spend the entire day outdoors, taking in the heat that gently radiated off the sun. 799 more words


Winter Moisturiser - help!

Hey guys!

So this is my turn to ask my lovely beauty gurus for some help. I’m in need of a good winter moisturiser, I’m currently using the No7 Daily moisturiser and while this did great in the summer, now it’s getting colder I’m in need of something more as I keep getting dry patches despite applying it all over my face in the right amount. 36 more words


Opinion: Is the Monarchy Underrated?

By Drew MacEachern

Most Canadians do not think about the monarchy. For most it’s a non-entity, not worth discussing. This lack of debate on the monarchy is buffeted by the massive constitutional upheaval that would inevitably arise if some attempt was made to get rid of the monarchy, along with the chronic Canadian unwillingness to even attempt constitutional reform in the aftermath of the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords. 1,015 more words


ANALYSIS: How government licensing is used to hurt the poor

By Wyatt Bush

My stepmother earns her living by working her butt off as a florist.

Thankfully, in the state of Michigan, our benevolent overlords in Lansing have decided that it is okay to run a floral shop without acquiring a specific license to do so. 755 more words


Modern Monsters: Cthulhu

I am a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft. There is a reason a whole sub-genre of horror is named after him. His style was very psychological and dealt with themes that strongly resonate even today: forbidden knowledge, fate, guilt, and the threat of the collapse of civilization. 678 more words


Week 9 Tight End Rankings

The fantasy football playoffs are rapidly approaching and teams will need to kick it into high gear if they want to be part of it. Make sure that your lineup is set and ready to devastate the competition in week 9. 16 more words