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A Detailed Study of Ulzzangs, and Lookalikes

Last year, in December, my friend told me about how many ulzzangs (extremely good-looking people) can kpop lookalikes can be stalked online. She told me about a half- Japanese half-Filipino guy who looked like Kiseop of U-Kiss. 496 more words



Almost since the invention of vaccines, there have been people decrying their purpose. Many distrust them for everything from being ineffective, supposedly increasing autism, or seeming unsafe. 577 more words

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Simmons cents: The community gives its two cents on life

We asked: Is it time for “feminism” to be renamed or redefined?’

You answered:
“So here’s the thing— I think that renaming or redefining feminism takes away from the crucial notion that it is designed to improve female experience in a traditionally male-dominated world.” – Katie B… 170 more words

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Excuse me

May I have the bathroom pass?

By Jessie Kuenzel
Staff Writer

Dear Professors,

We have to go to the bathroom. Or rather, using the bathroom is a thing our bodies need us to do, and—despite out very best efforts—we still haven’t successfully figured out a way to sync our bladders with our class schedules.  618 more words

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Cease and de-cis

By Katie Sittig-Boyd
Staff Writer

It’s pretty well-established that gender and sexual attraction are a spectrum and sometimes difficult to quantify.

The most obvious example of this is “boyfriend.” People still jump to a lot of conclusions when they hear about someone’s significant other. 329 more words

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Ebola Is In Texas...

I know very little about Ebola, but from what I understand about it is that the CDC has been able to cure two people who visited Africa already. 61 more words


Why I Hate Tuesdays

Everyone has a day of the week that they dislike. For most people, that day is a Monday. And quite rightly. Mondays are rubbish. But it isn’t my worst day of the week. 275 more words