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Not All Alcohol Is the Same: What You Should Be Drinking and When

Contrary to popular belief, drunkenness can vary and it’s not always about how much you’re consuming—it’s about what you’re consuming. Much like different varieties of drugs provide a different kind of high, alcoholic beverages vary in effect and potency. 426 more words


Dark Souls 2: Lore Brainstorm and Digest *SPOILERS*

This post will be a bit different. In that I will honestly just be talking to myself, trying to understand the plot of Dark Souls 2. 1,326 more words


Reflection #2: Fifth Year Fury

Ever heard of the Sophomore Slump?  Well, folks, it happens again…except I’m calling this one the Fifth Year Fury.

Once you graduate after your fourth year, maybe you decided to go on to graduate school. 554 more words


Struggles Only A Server Can Understand

All of our jobs are difficult, and we all have to deal with nonsense at these jobs on a daily basis. That being said, there are certain struggles that are specific to people working in the service industry only, particularly waiters and waitresses. 533 more words


How to Get Her to Want Sex More Often

Maybe you’ve been together for so long that intimacy feels like a chore, or maybe your sex drive is just higher than hers. No matter what the issue is, you can fix it by altering your routine a bit. 477 more words


Circus Drive-In Clown Not a Sign of the Times


There’s a clown on Rt. 35, just south of Belmar. He leers over the top of the Circus Drive-In sign with its Broadway-lit letters and neon-highlighted arrow pointing to the parking lot. 499 more words

The Write Side Of 50

Things I learnt being a kid

I have just entered the “official” age of adulthood, cool right? well yes I am happy that I am now taken seriously as an adult on the issue of age however there are things from my childhood that I am reluctant to let go of on the basis I think they will help me continue to grow and mature without becoming condescending and “old”. 749 more words