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On my time at the Simmons Voice

approached last year’s editor-in-chief, Anne Karasek, to ask about the position of Arts & Entertainment editor.

It was about internships or something. It was dumb. I quoted my sister. 543 more words


Anti-Muslim marketing on the MBTA

By Ruthy Rickenbacker
Staff Writer

The dispute between the MBTA and the anti-Palestinian group running racist advertisements in the T’s subways and buses illuminates a need for a shift towards respectful media messaging. 329 more words


‘Sexism against men’ needs to stop right now

By Katherine Sittig-Boyd
Staff Writer

Lately I have noticed the tendency of students here at Simmons to say things like “I just wish we would all stop being sexist against men,” a statement made in various permutations and frequently preceded by “I like feminism, but…,” its nefarious sibling statement. 722 more words


It’s time for restrictions at the Simmons library to be increased

By Lauren Lane
Staff Writer

Recently Simmons has put up signs on doors and outside the library, stating that soon the library will be reserved for Simmons students only, and I have waited for this day every semester. 445 more words


Speak To Masquerading

It has come to my attention that junior high changes people. Instead of it being a place to gain knowledge and participate in school spirit, it’s a place where cliques form gradually and people treat each other with status. 415 more words


You may be proud of being ranked as a top think tank, but what about your staff?

Much is said about rankings of think tanks. Few are happy about global or regional rankings but even fewer are willing to challenge the publicly. It is better to be on the ranking than to not be on it, is the answer (or excuse) I often get from directors who, although disagree with the University of Pensilvania ranking’s methods, still use it. 453 more words


Deus Dominus Machina

Let’s do something totally unproductive today: Let`s play god.

Well, it`s going to be “playing god” if you go with the saying “Evolution is god’s way of issuing upgrades”. 647 more words

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