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Have You Measured Your Face Lately?

I always figured that the way people look has something to do with their success. Let’s face it. We’re all constantly being judged by others, and some of those judgments are based on how we look. 846 more words

Opinion Pieces

Can Videogame based movies ever crack Hollywood?

With the news that The Last of Us is getting the Hollywood treatment, it once again teases the idea of videogame adaptations making a big impact in the movie world.   842 more words

Silent Hill

World's Greatest Dad

In honor of Robin Williams, I decided to watch and review one of his movies which I’ve never seen before. Which turned out to be surprisingly difficult. 1,233 more words


Scotland: We've done the impossible and that makes us mighty.

There is an article on Bella Caledonia entitled “If the case for independence is so strong, why isn’t Yes winning?”. It’s an academic piece that, while filled with a few nuggets of decent analysis, is a prime example of our defeatist culture. 1,017 more words

Opinion Pieces

tired in terminal 5.

post industrial in look, almost borrowing from science fiction, terminal 5 seeks to impress. Sometimes it’s good to know you are part of something bigger than just you. 34 more words


Controlled Folly

I don’t write to express my thoughts. I write to come up with them. Then, I write to test the result, to figure out whether it can become my opinion. 233 more words

Opinion Pieces

The Raid 2

Modern martial arts movies have reached a split, it seems. Along one path lies the artistic, Chinese-influenced Kung Fu flicks, usually set in the Seven Warring States period, with wirework, dramatic acting, cultural flare, and spirituality. 642 more words

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