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Breaking the Fourth Wall: Interactive Learning

Its no secret: many of us often sit in math class graphing cos, sin and tan graphs wondering if it will actually help us in the real world or learning how to solve for the velocity in a physics problem curious if we will ever need the skill. 839 more words


Not just another grandfather story

This was the article I was referring to in class. Yesterday’s Straits Times just seemed to have a more-than-usual number of  articles related to the elderly (or maybe it’s true that you start noticing things more often when you’re keeping an eye on the topic). 26 more words


How to manage revision stress

1) Carrot and stick method

Reward yourself for every hundred words written with one hundred minstrels. Pros: you’ll work harder for the sweet, sweet minstrel relief. 260 more words


My Love From The Stars: The Last Kiss

My Love From The Stars to many people may be mediocre or perhaps think there is nothing great about it. However, to many others and I, it is definitely special and still is. 777 more words

Kim Soo Hyun

Is The Supernatural In Existence?

Is The Supernatural In Existence?

There are so many things that we can not explain. Our logical method of proving or disproving certain situations, a method under the name of Science, still has yet to ultimately prove the existence of anything. 246 more words

Are Humans Real


Immediately after their previous movie ends, the Muppets decide to take their variety show on the road and embark on a world tour. In order to promote the tour, they employ the services of Dominic Badguy who, unbeknown to the Muppets, is a criminal working alongside fellow villain Constantine, a Kermit the Frog look-alike. 522 more words


A New Way of Thinking About the Music Market

There are many different types of music, all of which serve different purposes. We listen to music in big groups, in small groups, by ourselves, when hanging out, while studying, while partying, while walking downtown, while exercising, while driving, and the list goes on. 269 more words

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