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Who's Your Favorite American Book Boyfriend? (Just for Fun)

Introduction and Required Disclaimers

Reading for a living has some very distinct advantages – and a few disadvantages. Clearly, the advantages must win out, or following this path in life would be miserable indeed. 533 more words

Author Promotions

Military Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Who gets it right?

The Military SF panel I was on at DetCon1 did not get to a lot of the topics we had hoped to cover (partially due to a ‘hijacking’ panel member and partially due to the fact that we only had 50 minutes!) and several con attendees asked me follow-up questions in the days after. 560 more words

Geeking Out

The Power of Books and Memory.

I have carried books with me my whole life. No matter where I go they are with me. They have comforted me in moments of almost inconsolable grief and have provided me with a place of escape. 366 more words

Opinion Pieces

Pretty Hurts

I’ve always hated these kind of words: pretty, ugly, beautiful, attractive. Not just because they’re all adjectives, but because they all describe how someone looks, and call me the opposite of old fashioned but I think no one can be just one of these words. 201 more words

Opinion Pieces


After just watching The Devil Wears Prada, and looking for a dress to go to a party next week in online, I decided to write this post literally just to waffle out my opinions on fashion but more importantly, style. 249 more words

Opinion Pieces

Opinion Piece: Why'd the Tigers Lose?

When the baseball game ends in a loss, another game starts immediately following the last out. Why did we lose? Who fell short? The name of the game is “Find the Scapegoat.” After… 595 more words


Reading List Guilt.

If you are like me and love books, then you probably follow book blogs, publishing sites, and any other book related sites that appear across social media. 300 more words

Opinion Pieces