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My Christmas

I’m going to tell you about my Christmas.

I’m not religious. At all. Whatsoever. I’m actually agnostic. It’s not that I hardcore don’t believe, but, well, I don’t believe either. 687 more words

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The Interview is NOT the new Life of Brian

I’m going to be absolutely honest: When I first saw the trailer for The Interview, it did feel slightly off to me. I know, I know – hindsight this, hindsight that – but it did. 630 more words


Reflections on Studying in the UK

So in September 2013 I flew overseas to fulfil a massive dream of mine – to study in the UK. Admittedly when I was in primary school (yes primary school, I was a super keen kid) I had imagined that being in Oxford or Cambridge, but as a 22 year old I didn’t care where I went; I just wanted to live there, study there, and get amongst the medievalness. 1,369 more words

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TOP 10 FILMS OF 2014

2014 has been a great year for filmmaking. There have been countless gems and fulfilling flicks that justify their immense anticipation. 2014 brought us a lot of sequels, two “Hercules” films, as well as major announcements of forthcoming instalments that made every geek’s head explode. 1,849 more words

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As 2014 draws to a close, I’m continuing my personal awards season with the second and biggest bunch of prizes.
Some are good, some are bad and some you may disagree with. 2,398 more words

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Interstellar is a science fiction movie set in the very near future, when global crop die-off has obliterated the world’s food supply to the point where armies are dismantled. 961 more words

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The Best & Worst Movie Posters of 2014

Another year has passed, and with that, 2014 has brought us some wonderful films. An added feature of the picture itself is the movie poster, arguably the film’s primary advertising tool, at least initially. 2,177 more words

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