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MSU v Michigan: A New Perspective

Jack and Mike Griffith talk about the new and changing dynamic between Michigan State and Michigan on the football field, and how it has altered the view of the Big Ten and both programs nationally.


On Tipping and Non-Tipping Offensive Cows

This will probably be the rudest titled blog post that I ever write. I am, in short, pissed off. This is not a “tip your server” argument. 836 more words

are we lonely?

I’ve been reading a lot about how lonely people are. Apparently they are spending too much time watching television and texting on their iPhone and not enough time socializing and chatting face to face. 794 more words


Creativity: Escape V

Here’s a page of my altered book “Escape” that has been painted with house paint, rubbed over with pink pencil and embellished with little rings meant for reinforcing holes in paper. 228 more words


'We need a bold, scandalous feminism'

Open any newspaper and violence towards women seems to be increasing by the day. It is time to confront the darkest impulses of the human heart… 460 more words

Violence Against Women

What If

While relaxing I happened to remember this which leaves a hard decision. One that is so troubling.

What if you came across an infant. You had the ability to see what he would do in his life.  200 more words


Combover Religion

A young fellow with whom I once worked teased me about my combover hair style. I should place “hair style” in quotes, which I just did, because I haven’t bothered with such vanities since my early ’40s. 317 more words