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From Teenagers to Screenagers

Last month, we; me and a close friend of mine, went to another friend’s place after continuous invitations of ‘catching up’. She greeted and welcomed us inside. 486 more words


modern slaves?

more than 35 million people around the world are trapped in a modern form of slavery (according to a report from the Walk Free Foundation) 153 more words


Beyonce, Democracy and the Media we deserve

Somehow, Beyonce’s latest music video release — a sloppy mix of bathroom selfies and dancing-on-a-hotel-balcony-in-a-pantie shots called “7/11″– got me thinking about democracy. The music video and its sloppiness , the crowd-pleasing lows of it, the commonness of it, was not simply a video to me. 446 more words



It was dark inside the living room. The silhouette of the tree outside formed a black image on the window pane. In a strange fashion, it seemed swaying back and forth, moved by the evening breeze. 526 more words


The Friendship Contract

Recently a friend of mine (i’ll call her sarah), was put in a precarious position due to a lack of mutual understanding of what hierarchy within a friendship means. 422 more words


The Social Word

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and God.

As a Christian I often feel the pressure to tweet or Facebook about God 24/7 – because the more you post about it, the better Christian you are, right? 277 more words


gvSIG 2.1: Editor alfanumérico en Vista

Una novedad que se ha introducido en los últimos build de gvSIG 2.1, gracias al aporte de la empresa brasileña GAUSS geotecnologia e engenharia, es un sencilla pero útil herramienta: un… 79 more words

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