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FRC's Craig James Stumped By Question Likening Gay Marriage Bans To Anti-Miscegenation Laws | Right Wing Watch

This guy blows me away.  In the second clip he admits we are not a nation where the laws are based on the bible, yet he continues to use the bible of the bible to defend inequality.   515 more words


The limits of skepticism

Skepticism is an important component of Socratic/Platonic reasoning, perhaps even its distinguishing part. (A later iteration of the Academy founded by Plato, an iteration which began with a shift of emphasis by its then director Arcesilaus around the middle of the 3rd Century BCE, was called in fact “The Skeptical Academy”.) It must be noted however that the root verb… 482 more words

Group Therapy

In 1977, after suffering a Vietnam flashback psychotic break and a mandatory ten day stay at the Sepulveda VA Hospital, my husband found himself attending a group therapy session at a storefront in Canoga Park, California. 1,152 more words

Combat Veterans

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Shockingly, Robin Williams' Funeral Was Done August 12th Less Than One Day After His Death

It’s seemingly almost incredulous that we were hearing that Robin Williams was found dead by his personal assistant at about 11:55 a.m. on the 11th of August, 2014 and pronounced dead by first responders at about 12:04 p.m..   404 more words


View from Milton Road: Southampton FC vs Liverpool

It was great to be invited onto Red Card Sports Radio on Monday to chat about the Southampton vs. Liverpool game. Big thanks to Andy Whitelaw and Ahamad Khan for having me on. 394 more words