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Every girl likes a good base

One thing I have noticed from high school, college and now university that a majority of girls love their foundation. When you’re using foundation, you want the best, because a bad base makes for a bad day. 834 more words


Students desire music at lunch but genre change also needed

Jake Farrar

The school has a strict policy about music during school hours but I think that they should be changed to make the students be happier during lunch and classes. 340 more words


The Apostle Paul Received The Gospel As A Direct Revelation From God

When Jesus came to Earth as a man 2,000 years ago he chose twelve men to be his disciples, to learn the gospel from Him directly so that they could teach it to others after he ascended into heaven. 723 more words


8 Comments Millennials will make about iOS 8

On Wednesday, September 17th, Apple launched it’s newest operating system, iOS 8, to extremely varied reviews. While some applauded several of the new features, such as Shazam’s integration with Siri and better continuity across multiple devices, others, such as myself, laughed at the supposed “upgrades”. 745 more words

Gradient News

Sega Master System II

It seems apt that my first blog post be titled after the first games console I ever got (or played on for that matter) and so I should probably give a little explanation of what this blog is all about. 410 more words


Why Do Video Game Movies Suck?

This is a question I have been asking since I was a kid. I still haven’t seen a good video game movie yet. Now that doesn’t mean i haven’t enjoyed some video game movies some are firmly placed in my list of guilty pleasures but that doesn’t mean that they are in a sense “good films”. 770 more words


My View on Teemu's Comments

Photo by Bridget Samuels (https://www.flickr.com/photos/bridgetds/)

Well that was some disturbing news to wake up to on the first day of training camp. Teemu’s biography was recently released in Finland and the translation over to English didn’t take very long. 803 more words

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