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The Way I See It

I see seven billion of us spinning through space.

There are more of us every year and we live and die in orbit around the sun. 1,234 more words


On Radagast


Radagast. Oh, Radagast. You leave me so conflicted.

I was glad to see Radagast get screen time. He was a very minor character in The Fellowship of the Ring… 531 more words

Google Music

My Nexus 4 and 7 devices don’t ship with an old school MP3 player anymore. Since I didn’t like any of the players I tried, I ended up with Google Music. 645 more words


The Sounds of Ashbourne

Close your eyes and think about where you live. What do you hear? The better you know a place, the more familiar the distinct sounds become. 743 more words


Is ICC courting a showdown with Kenya Government?


A few weeks ago the International Criminal Court
ruled that the Kenyan government must get the
eight witnesses who have changed their minds about… 808 more words

Only In Africa!

Lip Mag's Feminist of the Week

This week, I was honoured to be named Lip Mag‘s ‘Feminist of the Week’. It’s a weekly column where they ask a feminist from anywhere in the world – from all types of backgrounds and beliefs – a few questions about modern feminism and their feminist philosophy.  999 more words