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So basically, there is a movie about North Korea’s notorious leader Kim Jong-un assassination. I was thrilled when I saw the triller and I think it was good fun, until this Guardians Of Peace Hackers entered the picture and started blackmailing Sony Pictures that if they release the movie on theaters, they will divulge it’s stolen internal information and leak personal and medical information from every Sony Pictures employee. 331 more words


5 Insurance Policies People Should Consider

Insurance is important because it helps protect individuals from extreme financial loss or from responsibility when the worst-case scenario happens. No one can predict unfortunate accidents and negative unforeseen events. 486 more words


I Guess It's Safe To Say

The Earth is replinished…

Now what???


Morning Wood & Red Wine.

Sleepy eyes and red wine soaked dreams, I wake up and see the early morning sunshine beam through my blinds. Sitting up in my bed I stretch out my aching feet and attempt to regain consciousness. 600 more words

Two Wrongs Don't ...

In the last 24-48 hrs, three police officers have been killed in the line of duty: two in New York City and one in Florida. My condolences and sympathies go out to their families on their loss. 615 more words


The FujiFilm X-T1 Owners Have Been Heard!

As a pretty new FujiFilm X-T1 owner, I’m super stoked to see such an awesome¬†list of updates to this already amazing camera! I’ve got to say that FujiFilm has been listening pretty well to current owners and have implemented a number of awesome changes! 1,439 more words


Flying Space Monkeys and Excuse Notes

One of my favorite expressions when I was younger (and, honestly, now that I’m not-so-younger) had to do with “falling off the face of the earth.” As if the planet as observed from space were in the shape of a flat bright yellow smiley like an emoticon, and if you walked far enough for long enough you could hurl yourself off of it. 217 more words

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