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Have you seen one yet?

I have returned from a holiday in Spain during which I spotted one or two of these.  I am just wondering if anyone else has had the pleasure? 404 more words



Well folks, it’s been quite a Summer of Blockbusters. We’ve seen some great ones, some mediocre ones, and some downright upsetting ones. This week, I’m bringing you one that’s not technically a blockbuster, but a great summertime movie with a blockbuster cast. 396 more words


Photo Critiques: Please Tell Me I Suck (and Why)

I just finished watching a recent episode of The Grid, where they discuss critiquing the work of  amateur photographers and how it is easy to be led astray. 804 more words


Grammar Nazi? No Such Thing

A lot of people these days accuse me of being a ‘grammar nazi’, which just in it’s name, has a negative connotation associated with it. A ‘grammar nazi’ is usually recognized as being an anal retentive, stuck up, pretentious prick, who likes nothing more than to put down others for not spell checking every little word or letter they type or write. 1,038 more words


Possibilities vs facts

I’m sure there are plenty of scientific research stating, how women differentiate from men. This won’t be a feministic post, where I disparage all men because they take away many our chances, no, so keep reading. 175 more words