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We Want OUT! Secession Movements All Over The World

It looks like the Scotland won’t be leaving the United Kingdom for the foreseeable future.

That being said, other regions in the world wouldn’t mind having their own referendum to leave the country they are currently in. 646 more words


Racism is not a card game

Whenever someone accuses an African American of playing the “race card,” I cringe. Racism  in America is not a card game. There is no such thing as “playing the race card” when it comes to making an accurate or rational evaluation of the socioeconomic and political plight of 45 million Black Americans. 705 more words


Champs-Élysées Car Showrooms

Being a car fan, I offend spend my free time going to car dealerships around town to check out their new models. It’s gotten to the point where I can go to almost every car dealership within the city and its surrounding suburbs and at least one employee will recognize me. 686 more words


Mike Titan League P.S.A/ Reaction To Preseason Ranking

TSG Madden 15 CF, San Fransisco 49ers Head coach Mike Titan, addresses the league and reacts to his #5 ranking in the preseason rankings.


Chekhov: From a Lay Perspective

Anton Chekhov wrote a story called ‘Gooseberries’ in 1898.

It’s available online here. I read it in a collection called ‘About Love and other stories’ … 561 more words


Education reform is not to blame for nation’s segregated schools

It is the great irony of Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark desegregation case that celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, that segregation in our schools has gotten even worse, not better. 656 more words


The Most Gut-Wrenching Scenes From the Mass Effect Trilogy

***This piece is filled with spoilers for the entire Mass Effect trilogy***

It’s an established fact that every single Twinfinite employee loves the Mass Effect… 1,681 more words