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I Wish...

“I wish i never had the wisdom to discriminate between a lie and a truth, or having got that wisdom i wish i was vocal about my discrimination” 83 more words

Self Realization

Does the Universe remember the atom in me?

As I lay in my bed, lying awake and contemplating life, I sense a change in the air. I get this feeling quite sometimes now. This strange assurance that tomorrow nothing will be the same. 507 more words

“I wish I could choose a career strictly out of love,
not having to worry about the stress of money or the pressures of this world.”


The Zoella Debate

On Wednesday, Zoella was trending on Twitter after an article published on the Independent’s website criticised the Youtube star.

Chloe Hamilton, a writer for the Independent rather viciously picked Zoe (pictured above) apart from the size of her eyes, to her hair, which honestly surprised and shocked me all in one go. 522 more words

Habibi Lifestyle

Tell It Like It Is

Cameron Gunn Mackay

Students of Monash University South Africa were given an opportunity to have their say and voice their opinions about their university. Ten different students on campus were asked about what they like, and dislike, about Monash South Africa. 1,236 more words


The Opinion of Medlink

James Ridgway, main speaker at the Medlink course, is the inspirational kind. Struggling with speech, he was written off as unintelligent – and yet, after leaving home, working odd jobs and meeting a speech therapist, he ended up sitting 3 A-levels in a year and going to Cambridge. 366 more words


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I watched someone be put into the ground today. Reading the funeral invitation physically hurts me. My chest constricts. I can feel my blood slow and my body weaken. 209 more words