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Writing a Blog to help with Depression

What can you do to alleviate the symptoms of depression? Therapy, medication and exercise can be very helpful. I use therapy and medication, but I also… 661 more words


Why Can't We Be Friends? Oh, right.

Happy Easter everyone! May your day be filled with love, sunshine, and many Easter egg chocolates. I am officially kicking off this blog with response to a video that has recently made a trend in Florida College news circles: The Royal’s Parody “Seminoles” by Generation Sketch, known as Gainesville’s longest running sketch comedy troupe, that pokes (with a long thick stick) fun at Florida State University and how Cool Blue (Gatorade flavor, y’all) University of Florida is. 613 more words

Florida State University

How I ended up with an alternative academic job

Astute readers might notice that the frequency of new posts has tailed off lately.  This isn’t reflective of any change in my interest in blogging, or want for post ideas (trust me on this one), but is caused entirely by the fact that I’m changing continents in a month. 885 more words


A very Good Friday

By Philip Jackson

Andrew Davies is harder than I am, much harder.

I’ve had a bit of a sore knee recently, ooh it’s been achy, lots of driving and that heavy clutch pedal has set it off alright, got a bit of a hobble on. 1,429 more words

Phil Parkinson

Unconditional love

It’s a profound feeling when you realise that you love someone unconditionally. It’s frightening. 

I arrived in my hometown this morning, and write this post from the bed of my childhood, in the house I was raised in. 515 more words

Real Wrestling talk

So I’ve been away for the past week, trying to survive the last few days of uni. So I want to do this article on the past seven days of Wrestling. 1,585 more words


Book Review: The Lost Heart of Asia by Colin Thubron

A Reno Signal Book Review: The Lost Heart of Asia by Colin Thubron

The Lost Heart of Asia. Colin Thubron. London: Harper Perennial, 1994. 374 pages, includes one map, an interview with Thubron, an essay by The Times (London) columnist Julia Llewellyn Smith, comments from critics and Thubron’s personal travel reading recommendations. 943 more words