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Windows 10 = OS X?

So Apple has always been a trend setter and pioneer in the field of technology, but what is with Windows 10? By looking at the preview there seems to be many similarities with Microsoft’s newest OS and Apple’s OS X. 108 more words


Big Words

I love words. Vocabulary used to be my thing and I took delight in discovering new words. Words are like colors on an artist’s palette, and we’re always striving to find just the right word to convey the idea we’re trying to express. 546 more words

You ARE a human...

Another Insightful ‘#FACT’ to Challenge our Philosophical Selves


The house of falling cards

I feel I need to write about this, to support people who are, have been or will be in the same situation. Although it’s highly personal and I’m not used to sharing overly personal things on the internet, so here it goes…. 870 more words


The real disappointment of Assassin's Creed Unity: The next gen starts next year?

I am a well documented Assassin’s Creed fan, one of what feels like a dying breed at the moment. While continuing to sell well, the games press are starting to really malign the series. 511 more words

Assassin's Creed

Two-Wheeled Transportation Part 2

Last Spring while I still had my 2001 Jeep Cherokee and before I got the motorcycle, I backed into the transfer station with a full load (about 400 lbs.) of construction debris and began unloading. 432 more words