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Hillary got It right on Ferguson and race

Hillary Clinton was pilloried and battered for days on end for not uttering a peep about the Michael Brown slaying, the Ferguson disorders, and most importantly race. 867 more words


Love Letter

Hello, Hamdani
Another love letter for you
Cheesy, right?
But it is just feel right, I dunno why
Thank you for always be there when I need you… 334 more words


Detach Yourself

It can be helpful to detach ourselves from our point of view. You do this by recognizing that your thoughts are not really your own. Nobody really knows where their thoughts come from and many of our thoughts seem to conflict with each other. 62 more words


CW's 'Arrow' to introduce Ra's Al Ghul in Season 3 this Fall...

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

When actor Liam Neeson starred in 2005’s ‘Batman Begins‘ alongside Christian Bale, no one would have thought Neeson could steal the show as Ra’s Al Ghul. 323 more words

News And Updates

The War On Gamers: A Look At Oppression From The Other Side Of The Debate

Corruption, what does that mean? 


1: Dishonest or fraudulent behavior by those in power, typically involving bribery.

2: The process by which something, typically a word or expression, is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as erroneous or debased. 1,491 more words

Gaming & Blogging

I, Creator: Growing On Your Terms

Recently, I wrote a brief post on my blog that was titled, Create For Yourself, which serves as the impetus for this story. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my own growth as a photographer and, to a broader extent, as a creator. 1,021 more words