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Personal taste

I recently started a photography blog. I’ve been planning to set it up around January but for some reason I can’t wait anymore. I believe that people have to do things when they want to do it (in other word when they are inspired) and not when they think they have to do it. 393 more words

Mental Health

Every time you see these horrible shootings, they always say that the shooter suffered from mental health problems. Really? Thanks scoop.



Concerns with the legal drinking age

Staff Writer

The legal age to drink in the United States is 21, an abnormal age compared to those of countries around the globe. 588 more words

Sword And Shield

Every little bit counts.

I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch recently and my schedule and routine are pretty topsy turvy right now. Getting thrown off my usual schedule has caused a lot of stress, but it’s also made me appreciate how powerful even the smallest self-care steps are. 171 more words


My experience as a threatened species – a male primary school teacher

The number of male teachers in New Zealand schools continues to decline at an alarming rate. In Jo Muir’s article, ‘Efforts to get more male teachers failing… 436 more words


I am so looking forward to April.......

Being a Sports Fan in Chicago can be such a depressing endeavor.

When will this football season end?

The complete failure of Marc Trestman and his incredibly inept coaching of our Bears will soon be over, I can only hope that the Bears organization does the right thing and lets this entire group of team management be gone and be forgotten. 270 more words

2015 Season

Finding a little humility this Christmas

In terms of anything spiritual, I normally tell people that my main focus is to take the plank of wood out of my own eye before I attempt to remove the speck of dust out of someone else’s. 557 more words