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To The Fallen 44

The amount of people getting killed because of wars has always been alarming, and I think the fact that many would still risk their lives or have their lives be at risk because of endless gun fights has long been known, but not accepted by many including me, who now is in the last year of being a teenager. 686 more words


Playing With Your Food

The post below was originally published on a WordPress blog for my graduate course, Historians and the Food System, a class developed out of an initiative with the Carnegie Mellon Foundation, which strives to provide junior academics with skills and knowledge to work in and contribute to fields outside of academia, such as in the public sector or in public history. 1,639 more words


You Can Make A Change!

“Don’t think what your country can do for you; Think what you can do for your country.” JF Kennedy.

Refocus your vision. And improve yourself. Do something for your town, city, country and world! 351 more words



Logan Mullen
Entertainment Editor

There should be no need for this column. In fact, I am embarrassed to an extent that “deflate-gate” has gotten so bad that, with just mere days until Super Bowl XLIX, the story being told is about deflated footballs. 612 more words

Springfield College

Adios, San Juan

Cuban strong man Raul Castro knows advantage when he sees it and, with President Obama begging to normalize relations with the Caribbean dictatorship, Castro has grown determined to squeeze every drop out of Uncle Sam.  147 more words


From Worrier to Warrior: Yoga Helps in Relieving Stress

By Jonathan Theros

The Tower (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)

She feels healthier and appreciates life a little more every time she leaves a session. Yoga has changed life for Emma Peters ’16, and many oth­ers who participate regularly in yoga session agree. 461 more words


Great Expectations: Girls crack under societal pressure

By Erykah Benson

The Tower (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)

“Society has changed. They want us all to hate ourselves,” Vicky Beacham ’17 said.

Beacham put it bluntly. 1,184 more words