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a game to forget

There’s been something pleasantly different in the way Yovani Gallardo pitches this season. It’s only 18.2 innings, but fewer strikeouts for sure.

Gallardo is still a spitting image of Dennis “El Presidente” Martinez with hand and arms swinging a pendulum followed by a corkscrew turn towards third base and letting loose a low 90′s fastball or 12-6 curve ball; one of the best in baseball that curve; provoking some of the silliest looking swings and misses on the spiked two strike put away variety. 590 more words


drowning in the red sea

The order in a pitching rotation seems more like a facial feature difference than a subtlety. The opposition knows exactly what to expect. It’s either gonna be 95 mph gas or off speed junk. 652 more words


even steven

Thirty teams.
Two leagues
Three divisions per league.
Five teams per division.

2 (3 x 5) =30.

Holy cow!  A formula. Major League Baseball is no longer odd.  530 more words


the windows were just tinted

We were gonna skip school or work and wonder how brains or God or whoever could squeeze all that blue sky, ash wood, cowhide, green grass, chalk dust and enthusiasm into a floating diamond of coordinated pinball players for nine innings or more? 394 more words


here comes the bride

Gallardo and Teheran echo in a mind. Sounds like a United Nations law firm, but it isn’t. It’s the names of two pitchers who will share the same mound Monday afternoon at Miller Park in Milwaukee; Gallardo a Milwaukee Brewer, Julio Teheran an Atlanta Brave. 222 more words


once you're in the batter's box, you're in the batter's box

Cement sidewalks break down cartilage and yet, we’re not allowed to walk on grass. It’s private property despite 20 years leaning on a cane being a pain in the palm, not to mention hospital fees paid by our tax dollar, but grass, bushes, and flowers are apparently important to one’s reputation as a home owner, apartment landlord, or tycoon. 520 more words


sort of a happy ending

Arnie Waters would have probably forked over an arm or leg, maybe even an eye for one more line of cocaine, but he wasn’t always like that.  779 more words