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How has homesickness affected your time here at Wollongong so far?

With many people leaping at the chance to move into the world and leave home, others are quite reluctant to step outside their comfort zone and experience new people, places and events. 60 more words

Assessment 2

Theology Really Matters! Opinions? Not so much.

How critical is right belief?  The term “orthodoxy” means right belief or literally “right praise.”
Our culture suggests that what one believes is on the level of opinion, and opinions are as varied as the people expressing them.  492 more words


Home - With The Kelpies

I travelled back up to Glasgow on Friday 18th April ready to start back at College on Monday and thought that it would be a great idea to go along to the opening event for what will be one of Scotland’s largest pieces of Art… 514 more words

Charlotte Hoather

Words of Wisdom!

Hello everyone!

The other day I discovered this quote on Instagram, and it really got me thinking.

We live in a world where society expects us to act a certain way, to dress a certain way and to speak a certain way and to be honest it’s about time we all start being ourselves. 110 more words

R is for...Reader Feedback!

Or, “I Joined the WP Blogging University 201 Challenge and Need Help”

Yes, as if I needed something else to keep track of in my life, I have joined this initiative.   754 more words


Courtney Love vs. the World, 2014 Edition

by Sangeeta R


Courtney Love can’t seem to catch a break, even in 2014 when its abundantly clear that she deserves one.

Recently she’s been making headlines due to her #CourtneyOn series, periodically uploaded to her Youtube channel, where she shares her opinions on various cultural phenomena, from the Kardashians to BDSM. 350 more words

Sangeeta Ranade

What Makes Things Good: Chairs

The Five Qualities Which Contribute to Chair Greatness:

Comfortable as Fuck,
Swivel Functionality (limited or 360^o)
Arm Wrests

As always, thanks for reading

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