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Forget Hamilton vs Rosberg; Lauda vs Wolff is THE Mercedes battle

The pressure of being at the top of a dominant team in Formula 1 is already hitting home at Mercedes.

We are just four races into the 2014 season, a year so far that has seen the Silver Arrows in control throughout and the emergence of a battle within team-mates that could enthrall us from Australia all the way to Abu Dhabi. 944 more words


Electronic Cigarette Regulations

I’m a user of the product Blu electronic cigarettes and I LOVE it. Well, when they work. So far I’ve had about seven batteries die on me. 338 more words


قواعد العشق الأربعون



بعد إنتهائي من رواية “ميتش ألبوم” توجهت إلى المكتبة للبحث عن رواية جديدة, وأنا أفكر أن آخذ مجموعة من الكتب, أغلبها ممن رُشّحت إلى جائزة البوكر العربية لهذه السنة فقد قرأت رواية واحدة فقط من اللائحة القصيرة ولم تنل إعجابي التام.


The Friendzone: You probably deserved it

Hugo Guzman


Many a feminist and patriarchal cur have discoursed at length about the nature of the “friendzone”— that ignoble place that is the destination for men who are liked by the object of their affections, but not considered romantic options.  421 more words


Student athletes shouldn’t get merit-scholarships

I know for a fact that I’m not the only person here who chose to attend Whittier College because of the amount of financial aid the school gave. 456 more words


Asini, Arsenico e Vecchi Merletti

Ecco dove vivo e chi amministra questo territorio!

E’ uscito sulla stampa locale, da pochi giorni, l’annuncio trionfale dell’attuale vice sindaco di Scarlino, Marcello Stella, di voler presentare Scarlino all’Expo 2015 di Milano con il progetto “Latte d’asina”. 218 more words


Are Women Being Too Sensitive? - Vanessa Tai

The video of Emma Stone calling out boyfriend Andrew Garfield on his “casual sexism” has been making its rounds on the Internet. While most people reacted positively, there was also a group of people who predictably thought Stone was being “too sensitive”.  1,166 more words

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