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Let me introduce myself..

First blog post *badum ts*

So I think the first thing to do is to say Hello if you are reading this, and I hope this isn’t the last post you’ll be reading. 373 more words


10 Random Questions with Spiritual Roots

Here are some random questions (some may even call them “nudges”) that actually have a spiritual starting point. Care to answer a few?

1. If you preach, do you have a “favorite” sermon? 175 more words


I could do better

I was always the last child, and of course I never felt like I ever measured up to any of my sisters. But this is not really about them, I just don’t feel like I measure up in general.  300 more words


Money, Money, Money

I actually think I would be happier if I was rich. They say money doesn’t buy happiness. But, because I understand that and have suffered for so long without any financial security I think I would be happier. 396 more words

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Why the FUCK not?!!! I always say...if you are creative, persistent, and hardworking, then you should get paid! Everyone deserves the American Dream!

The Pursuit of Happiness (Widescreen Edition)

Day 8: A female character in a comedy show

^^To see the details of the challenge, click here.
Day 8: A female character in a comedy show – Miranda Hart, Miranda

Exam Hall Mistakes: AdviceAdda

Advice Adda is India’s online portal that helps teenagers & youth lead a tension free life. It provides solutions for problems relating to everything from education to sex. 100 more words


It's Not That Funny

Little by little I’m coming back to blogging and sharing thoughts and stories with you!

Yesterday I met up with Person X at a restaurant. X had asked me to tutor her and she was feeling desperate so I met up with her but brought my little sister along because we were having a sister date afterwards and it didn’t make sense to go back and get her afterwards. 567 more words