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Things I’m Thankful For: Day 23

First off, yes, I know it’s technically the 24th already. Basically, I’ve made my peace with running this thing from the back of the pack for the next week. 658 more words


I want to live life. F me, right?

‘But mom, you don’t get it, I wanna live life’

After those words came out of my mouth, I could immediately see the look of disapproval in my mother’s eyes. 675 more words

Au Pair

My Favourite spices

Hello Food Lovers,
I know it’s a little late,but we don’t sleep early anyway
Today I have compiled my ultimate list of spices I cannot do without for most of my dishes,and basically spices you would find in a typical Nigerian home. 500 more words


Deragatory Terms, Feminism 101

I just read a blog post on the Shakesville site. The blog I read had to deal with the use of words such as gay and fag. 213 more words


A piece called 'Love is a loosing game' inspired by legend Amy Winehouse

“love is a loosing game” – Amy Winehouse, 2004


You have a distinct smell 

almost like the smell you get when a light breeze carries the sent of a dead animal downwind toward your reluctantly receiving nostrils… 194 more words


People say oh, I bet you get to sit and read at work all day, to which I laugh hysterically at them. Being a Librarian does not mean I get to sit and read all day. 482 more words