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What is about having peace in heart and mind?

What is about having peace in heart and mind?

I asked myself what is the real essence of peace. Is there real peace? Have we experience peace in our lives? 489 more words



दिल चाँद बनके आज भी घटता – बढ़ता रहता है,
ये जवानी है मेरे यार, दिल मचलता रहता है.
इतने कांटो से जख्मो को पाकर भी,
ये बागों में जाकर फूलों को चूमता रहता है.
ये जवानी है मेरे यार, दिल मचलता रहता है.

by Parmit kumar ‘parvaaj’


These 9 Movies Have Cheated Your Feelings - Matthew Fam

You have been lied to- and romance movies are the biggest culprit. While these box office hits may leave you feeling fuzzy on the inside, expectations of how love and reality should pan out have been highly misconstrued by films we’ve come to know and adore. 621 more words

Material World


Why do people think that calling something an opinion somehow changes its relevance?

“That’s just your opinion.”

Changes nothing except your perception. My opinion is still either true or false. 47 more words


What Happened to Natalie Merchant?

It’s been pretty slow at my work this week. Whether it’s busy or slow, I’m pretty much stuck at my desk with full access of the internet. 487 more words


Islamic penises get erected seeing mannequins » No Country for Women


You know, I want to laugh when I see such absurdity, but the sad truth is that this insane, idiotic, backwards and completely juvenile mindset rules the lives of so many women in so much of the world. 328 more words

Human Rights

This or That Tag!

Sorry it has been so long guys, busy busy busy. I thought I would copy rose and do a tag as well, but instead of the TMI tag I would do the ‘This or That Tag’, which is basically a beauty tag where you choose between two items. 363 more words