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Bring back the Lancer Society

Joe Gabriel


Founded in 1934, the Lancer Society has been ingrained in Whittier College’s history for over 80 years. The Lancer society is currently suspended from campus; prohibited from wearing Lancer gear, hosting events, actively recruiting through open house and other recruiting activities until May 2017 due to a series of ill advised decisions which included violating the school drinking policy, charges of vandalism and trespassing on school property. 505 more words


Poets need parking

Amanda Blazey

“Parking.” Say this word and you can easily make any commuter on campus’ blood boil. With this in mind, let me take you through the emotional journey I went through last week when I heard that the issue of parking was once again brought before Senate. 397 more words


Never be ashamed of what you have to say

I have opinions that don’t always align
But I speak them proudly because they are mine


Opinions of Success

Yesterday marked a pretty inspirational day for me. A blogger that I follow made a personal announcement of their successes. This is interesting, because my path is similar. 417 more words


Thank You Mr. President

Just when I thought it could not get any worse. Obama has now given us Ebola.

I thought that ignoring ISIS and then trying to blame others might be the icing on the cake. 472 more words


The day that Saturday morning cartoons died

Sarah Eckrich
Opinion Editor


My 55-year-old mother (who will soon disown me for publicly disclosing her age) believes in Saturday morning cartoons.

She grew up with “H. 528 more words


Wawa vs. Sheetz debate is over

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer


Around campus I always hear people talk about both Wawa and Sheetz and arguing about which one is better, like people do with Coke and Pepsi. 443 more words