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Day 10

Again, I’ve missed some days, my sincerest apologies to Days 7 and 9. I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking recently and I’ve been distracted from my blog, not my goal. 331 more words


I am in a lonesome competition.
I find myself constantly comparing myself to others and try to compete with them.

That girl is skinnier than me. 89 more words


"The Giver"

Image courtesy pagetopremiere.com

“The Giver” just plain suffers. It wants to be profound while at the same time it comments on today’s society while trying to be dynamic in its storytelling. 208 more words


Art In The Digital Age

Technology is constantly changing, giving the opportunity to create amazing things and to share interests in new ways. Some people think that this innovative learning tool is drowning out the traditional methods, making the students who use it to learn to become dull, unable to revert back to ‘pencil and paper’. 154 more words


Beyonce is Flawless


    Today I read the most awesome and empowering article by Jessica Valenti. In the article she writes about Beyonce who is one of the most famous artists known to date. 280 more words


OpenWordNews.com Live! September 13, 2014

Riding solo, RGV the Guy takes on the most infamous day in America’s history… 9/11.  Stick around for the 3rd hour to hear from Larry Smith, congressional candidate for District 34.   84 more words


Why Scottish "NO" Is Beneficial For The UK Energy Sector!

In the morning of Friday September 19, not only the pound was boosted, to a 2 year-record high against the Euro, but also the UK energy sector. 223 more words