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Some Good Friday Thoughts

Dear God,

It’s been a week full of shits and things aren’t working my way. It’s been a series of mood swings that I mostly blame to my raging hormones, well I hope I was right. 639 more words


A Transparent Center

I want to know if it’s only me, or if other people in the blogging community – intellectuals devoted to literature, art and culture – have similar concerns. 317 more words

How I Met Your MacGuffin: Examining the (un)satisfying, (un)surprising, (un)moving, and ultimately uneven series finale of 'HIMYM'

Well, more than two full weeks removed from the very last episode of one of this generation’s most beloved, longest running sitcoms — I’m speaking of course about How I Met Your Mother — and as promised, we can say with certainty that main character, narrator, and hopeless romantic Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) finally met the mother. 2,518 more words


On Why I Blog

Hello again WordPress, I think I’m done writing about my personal life (past and present) because I feel it’s like I’m riding a dead horse and my last blog entry may have been written in somewhat poor taste by mentioning the marathon bombings (though I only meant to express how I had moved on from being dumped on the same day). 410 more words

Life Reflection

Last few days of college

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t been on in a few weeks. I have been busy studying like crazy for my exams that have been going on. 163 more words

Oh, what a night!

Hey…I have a new phone!

Not only do I have a new phone, but I kept my old number. It would be somewhat unfair to tell you the name of my former provider, but Verizon was – oops, did it, didn’t I? 925 more words


Oldies, but Definitely Some Goodies

Most of my reviews/opinions on my blog so far have included products that are high-end makeup and makeup brands. I wanted to share with you some of favorite, go-to drugstore products that I use daily and swear by. 1,096 more words