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Excuse Me Please, I Just Farted!

Everybody, I mean everybody gets gas. No matter what you like to call it – pooting, tooting, farting, passing gas, giving an anal salute, ‘dropping a bomb’, SBD (silent but deadly), cutting the cheese, letting one rip, stink bombs, breaking wind, you name it – it happens to even the most dignified and sometimes at the worst possible times. 455 more words

There’s Voodoo at Target, Ya'll!

Seriously, there has GOT to be some sort of voodoo at Target. That is the only explanation for how that place traps the most innocent people into these marathon shopping excursions that result in overdrawn bank accounts and hurting feet. 772 more words

From The End To The Beginning - Jesus Is Risen!

Today is the most important day in Christianity! Easter represents the day that Jesus rose from the grave with ALL power in His hands. According to… 445 more words

It's a tragedy just waiting to happen

OK, so I recently saw a commercial for the at home test kit for HIV. I am sure there are some of you reading this that think its accessibility is awesome. 767 more words