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Habit #4

Habit 4: Listen to your biorhythms and organize your day accordingly. Make it a habit to pay attention to regular fluctuations in your physical and mental energy levels throughout the day; and based on what you learn, make adjustments to how you schedule tasks.

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Game of Thrones: Yes or No?

by: Lynda Green

Controversial Statement: I don’t watch Game of Thrones.

Follow up to Controversial Statement: I watched season 1. But after the first episode of season 2, I baled. 367 more words


Written by: Guest writer Tan Qi

Photography is an art that transcends time. Amazingly, a camera has the ability to freeze and capture a moment and somehow make it last. 611 more words


What am I?

Born in Australia to New Zealand and Dutch parents, technically should make me Australian, however due to Australian stringent immigrant laws, it does but not completely. 525 more words


Dear Fellow Residents

by Stephan Strothe, 520W

Dear fellow residents of the Towers,

My wife Sabine and I have been renting at the Towers for many years and were  finally getting ready to buy a unit in this great community.   504 more words


(Please) Put your Phone Down.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: You are having dinner or drinks with friends, and you look around to see that everybody else is on their phone. 257 more words


All The Things They Should "Claim" On The Walking Dead

by: Lynda Green

This week on The Walking Dead we were introduced to Daryl’s new gang of immature jerks and their confounding system of acquiring supplies. 660 more words