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Itchy Wool

I’m sobbing into my Starbucks this morning.

I was unfriended on Facebook this week.


To be honest, a small part of me, probably a larger part than I want to admit, was kind of proud.   646 more words


The Giver Movie Review

By Collin Mcdonald

As one of the most prolific stories ever written, The Giver by Lois Lowry has remained an extremely popular young adult novel for over two decades. 434 more words

Arts And Entertainment

The Walking Dead's Most Useless Characters

By: Lynda Green

There’s no crying in the zombie apocalypse. However, in The Walking Dead–everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic zombie soap opera–all survivors are not created equal. Some are sword-wielding, arrow-shooting badasses, while others are incompetent messes that should stop taking screen time away from Daryl. 538 more words


Game of Thrones & Feminism

First things first, I’m a feminist.

Game of Thrones a popular TV and book series written by George R.R. Martin has had a lot of shit for the way that women are being treated throughout the series. 696 more words

A Simple Nomad

I can't find the label on my shirt...

Inspiration struck for this piece while I was watching America’s Next Top Model of all things. Anyway it’s something I’ve always felt fairly passionate about but that does not mean my opinion should be taken as law. 608 more words


Writing is Made of Feelings

I cry in just about every movie. I can honestly count the number of movies I’ve sat through without tears on one hand. I used to be fine. 290 more words


La vida es aquello que te está sucediendo

A veces crees que estás en un momento de transición, de esos que pasan. Que lo bueno está por venir… que en este instante no puedes estar aquí y ahora, porque ese aquí y ahora no tiene mucho sentido o carece de toda esa magia que crearon tus expectativas. 315 more words