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Methadone: Efficacy for Reduction of Heroin/Opiate Use and Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome

Here is another review I did for my senior seminar course. A bit in-depth, but feel free to leave questions below.


Heroin and opiate addiction are major problems in America. 4,656 more words

Freedom from Pain - Part Two

Why is worldwide access to morphine so poor?

Morphine is deemed an essential medication for a basic healthcare system to function (WHO Model List of Essential Medicines… 605 more words

Palliative Care

Friends we forget

A couple years ago I photographed Daniel (not his real name), a brilliant young man in his late twenties. I was very impressed with him. An avid reader, one could talk with him for hours about any topic. 739 more words


Addicts and families of addicts, you are loved (by the Huffington Post!)


Taboos in conversation:

  • So what do you think about how many┬ápeople are dying from prescription drugs for pain control?
  • My son is struggling with an addiction.
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Drug Abuse

Maureen F. Cooney: Technology Alone Is Not the Answer for Effective Patient Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of patients receiving opioid therapy to prevent opioid-related respiratory depression certainly offers the hope of reducing devastating outcomes from our well-intended efforts to assure patient comfort. 876 more words

Healthcare IT

Ketamine and RSD: the good, the bad and the really ugly

Today the New York Times posted an article on the use of ketamine for depression. The underlying premise being, is this street drug the newest gift of a cure in the depression drug world or an expensive false hope for the many new followers and users. 657 more words

Opioid may cause serious blood sugar drop

TORONTO – Researchers are reporting what appears to be another adverse effect of the drug tramadol, an opioid that’s being increasingly prescribed by doctors for the treatment of pain. 902 more words