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Strong potent edible and smokable Opium

1 gram of strong potent edible opium. The best way to maximize full enjoyment from this opium is to make opium tea with it. It’s very strong and will knock you on your a** . 91 more words


Afghan Heroin Brown Powder

Product is crushed in to the powder due to safe shipping.High quality.
Price :
3.5g – 180€
5g – 245€
7g – 325€
10g – 470€
50g – 2420€



High quality heroin nr.3. Runs very clean and is black on foil, not orange and sticky.

Price :
3.5g – 175€
5g – 225€
7g – 300€
10g – 410€
50g – 1925€


Fordham RETI Faculty Member Develops Online Overdose Education Modules

An alarming increase in overdose, largely from opioid-associated painkillers, but also heroin, has been recorded nationwide. In response, Dr. Janie Simmons – a researcher at the… 473 more words


Pain, Opioid Addiction, and Cake

NOTE: This post discusses a movie that is not yet available in wide release. I have not had the opportunity to see it, though I have done significant research on its content. 869 more words


Pain and Complementary/Holistic Therapies, Part II

(Originally published July 16, 2014)

In an earlier entry, I talked about the dangers inherent in the rising over-prescription (and overuse) of opioid painkillers.  Addiction. Abuse. 1,272 more words


Pain and Holistic/Complementary Therapies, Part I

(Originally published June 28, 2014)


No one enjoys it. Not really.  Even masochists don’t enjoy the pain.  They enjoy the sexual excitement it engenders. 713 more words