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Bees Love Purple Poppies

Most of the images of flowers that I find and create, believe it or not, I find simply by walking around my neighborhood in Portland, OR. I like to walk around different neighborhoods around town on occasion, but obviously my neighborhood gets more visits from my camera than many other neighborhoods. It’s just easier to go for a morning or evening walk within the neighborhood, then it is to get out to other neighborhoods, or even to flower farms, which I still like to do, but don’t get to do very often.

One of my favorite places to visit in my neighborhood is the Portland Nursery on SE Stark Street. Obviously, wouldn’t they usually have great flowers to find images of? In between the street and the parking lot, they’ve created a beautiful flower garden filled with many, many different varieties of flowers. That is where I found the images in today’s post. On this particular morning this one grouping of purple poppies was receiving a lot of attention from the local bees, so within about 10 minutes, I had so many images of flowers and bees, I didn’t know what to do with them. It was kind of overwhelming going through the images upon my return home. But go through them I did and found these images that I think are well deserved to be presented out to the public. What do you think? Like this post if you like the images and be sure to share with your friends and connections.

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Women have always destroyed me and blown me up. They always reawaken the dormant volcano in me

Women have always destroyed me and blown me up. They always reawaken the dormant volcano in me and make me erupt, which totally wipes me out. 679 more words

Dependence on Opium and Its Derivatives Can Lead To the Need for Addiction Treatment

The inability of any person to stop the use of opium or opiates leads to opiod dependence. This dependence leads to a strong compulsion to take these drugs, and a difficulty in controlling the level of use. 301 more words


The EU is an Opium Den. We need an intervention for our political leaders.

 David Fuller provides an advisory service and forum to investor’s.

This is his view uf the EU, which our political leader’s are determined to enchain us: 146 more words


16th July 1845. What's your Poison?

There were many celebrated poison cases in the mid-19th century, notably those of Dr.Thomas Smethurst, Madelaine Smith and Florence Maybrick.

The Provincial Medicine and Surgical Journal  today in 1845 described the fatal poisoning of a child by arsenic. 661 more words



“Opium was the avenging daemon or alastor of Coleridge’s life, his dark or fallen angel, his experiential acquaintance with Milton’s Satan. Opium was for him what wandering and moral tale-telling became for the Mariner – the personal shape of repetition compulsion. 84 more words