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Economist 4/16/14

  1. When Pope Francis celebrated his first Easter as CEO, just after being appointed, the world’s oldest multinational was in crisis.The first is a classic lesson in core competences.
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The Europeanization of... Europe?

Throughout the Orientalist literature covered in the second half of this course, there appears to be a reoccurring theme of India becoming more European.  Shockingly, this is a topic that we as a class have failed to truly discuss.   328 more words


Spring Break! Spain and Italy!

Classes are officially over! My school here has a strange schedule because classes ended two weeks ago, then we have all of April off for Spring Break, and then finals start in May. 1,131 more words

Opium sketches II

Another page of very messy and rather comical pose captures courtesy of Opium the cat.


Yo Ho, Yo Ho It's the Baazar Everyone!

Such a wonderful Baazar this eve, with so many things from across the realm.

Opium in China!

                            An Opium Poppy

Whats up Bloggers! My name is Daniel Lowe and today we are here to finally talk about the opium in China. So Opium is a illicit and highly addictive drug, that was used firstly as medicine in China as it provided the victim numbness and a feeling of well being. 1,046 more words