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Grey Highlands (Ontario): New Battle Against Wind Turbines

Kevin Bernard — Bayshore Broadcasting News — April 14, 2014

Working Group wants wind developers to take into account wind concerns

Grey Highlands Council will consider a bylaw on Monday to freeze any new permits for construction of industrial wind turbines in the municipality.

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Anagnorisis -- Ignorance To Knowledge

Super Smash Bros 4 - Pokemon

Red and Green (1996)
Returning Pokemon
Meowth uses Pay Day, which fires coins in a single direction.

Red and Green (1996)
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Why the 1964 Cardinals wanted Bob Uecker

Embarrassed by their inability to stop the Dodgers from stealing bases and convinced they needed to find a solution in order to win a pennant, the 1964 Cardinals turned to an unlikely source for help: Bob Uecker. 599 more words


Pete Vuckovich was fearless in great escape for Cardinals

Facing the defending World Series champion Pirates, Cardinals starter Pete Vuckovich knew he couldn’t look scared.

Fortunately, he didn’t pitch scared either.

In a high-wire performance that left him emotionally drained, Vuckovich pitched a complete-game three-hitter in the Cardinals’ 1-0 season-opening victory over the Pirates on April 10, 1980, at St. 549 more words


Liverpool vs Everton - Sleeping With The Enemy? 25 January 2014

Friendly Derby be damned! Okay, the Merseyside rivalry is not sectarian nor bound by geography nor fuelled by envy resulting from any great discrepancy in history – but there’s an edge all right, one that’s never far from bubbling over. 459 more words


Everton and Newcastle United – Friendship clubs? 30 September

Not all football fandom is as tribal as it is in England with many German fans having a “second club” with whom the bonds of friendship are sufficiently strong to withstand the pull of competition. 466 more words


Why Everton fans may be unique in actually liking Chelsea 13 September 2013

It had all been so different just four years earlier. Fans had turned up from all corners of the country to Goodison’s citadel. Some perched in trees – the Park End was being rebuilt – and there was something of the carnivalesque in the air, but with an underlying fear that something really bad might just happen. 443 more words