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Idle Hands Are Depression's Plaything

Has anyone ever NOT sat back and fantasized about a life-long vacation?  No work, no school, just leisure.

The problem is, part of why leisure activities are so rewarding is because our brains are activated in different ways then we are when doing things like work, errands, etc (though it is still perfectly possible to enjoy the latter). 176 more words

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Don't Set Limiting Limits

Are there certain things you’d NEVER try — music you’d never consider listening to, people you’d never talk to willingly, foods you’d never try?

This is the best thing I ever tasted! 55 more words

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Accomplishments 2.0

Things have been odd lately but I am observing patterns.  My difficulties are generally with the mornings and I mellow out, so to speak, between noon and three.   206 more words

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Activities for a Depressed Day

Today has been a tough day for me.  I think we all have days where we feel off, funky, down, or sad.  There was no reason for me to feel sad, but it took everything within me to accomplish anything today.  687 more words

Opposite Action

There is a tool in DBT called Opposite Action in the category of “Emotional Regulation”.  The idea is to take an emotion that is getting in the way and work to skillfully change it through performing an action that is the opposite of your inclination or habit. 227 more words


Ask Your Questions

“What on earth did she just say?  Crap, just nod a little, pretend you could hear and understand her.”

Asking questions like “I’m not sure what you meant, could you explain?”  or stating “I’m unfamiliar with that scenario” put us in a vulnerable place — one of admitted ignorance.   157 more words

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Do the Exact Opposite

We all fall into ruts– whether it be eating the same sandwich for lunch each day to feeling exhausted and nauseous each day with no medical cause. 101 more words

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