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Red Jacket

The girl wearing the red jacket
Is said to be a stone cold savage
Pumping blood with rebellious rage
And the gunfire of a million heartbeats… 24 more words

Post 30: Häagen-Dazs in Black & White(Opposite 1)

We usually think of luxury and indulgence in vivid color. HD could change this idea by offering a line of products in black and white. This might bring a retro appeal to the product and catch the consumer’s eye as something “new”. 104 more words

Häagen Dazs

Nature's beauty prevails

I recently made some shots in Slinge (Rotterdam) and decided to make a serie of it for school. So, I went back on a sunny day, because I had no reason to go back on a rainy or cloudy day ^^. 16 more words

The seesaw of love and hate

I’ve always been fascinated by Wiesel’s observation about the opposite of love being indifference.
It feels right to me.
Love and hatred both seem to be driven by passion. 476 more words

Let's Play

Attach, detach
Attach, detach
Running around in the garden patch

Reach out and push
Reach out and push
Round and round the Mulberry bush

Hop and run… 45 more words


Passing Fancy

My life is more that the average being conceives.
I call it normal, you call it eccentric.
I say its electric and you say its abnormal. 17 more words


Opposites of Life

The Opposites in life are as important as anything else that we encounter in life. Its like Opposites make a person’s life complete. Without Opposites our life would have been one sided in nature. 365 more words