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What am I bringing to this relationship?

I claimed to be against the “knight in shining armor” and “prince charming” clichés. But without realizing it, that’s still what I was expecting. I wanted to meet someone who understood me and knew exactly what it took to get me to trust him. 463 more words


The first of a series

Here’s a mini from my sketchbook.  My recent state of unemployment has me feeling very creative.  Or bored and restless… either way, expect many more paintings in the near future!


The nature of obscurity

I’m sitting outside

It’s nighttime

and the air is filled with a calmness

that only the night can bring

Crickets create a chorus of vibrating hums… 85 more words



Is it me or has gravity taken December off?


Upstairs, downstairs

Creeping like a mouse

Creeping in the darkness

Round and round the house

Creep creep creeping

Round and round about

I hope the wind won’t come inside… 7 more words

Early Childhood

Two shades of a different blossom.

We traced in sand,

The petals of a flower-held in hand

One soft and ample,

One bruised and weak

two different worlds that didn’t speak… 18 more words