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P is for....The Place

There is a place all have been that is as dark as it is light
and justice rewards the wrong just as the right
where diamonds are as worthless as is slate… 179 more words


You and I (a nice poem)

I listen to all the modern music
inspired by the rockers of your time.
You choose a path knowing where it goes,
I find the most unkempt and make it mine. 101 more words


Archive Album Review: Opposites by Biffy Clyro

Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro released their sixth studio album Opposites on the 28th January 2013. It’s a fantastic 20 track opus spanning 2 CDs.

Even on first listen it’s evident that Biffy Clyro have grown and developed a sound that surpasses all other UK rock music. 945 more words

Album Review

Nature's beauty prevails

I recently made some shots in Slinge (Rotterdam) and decided to make a serie of it for school. So, I went back on a sunny day, because I had no reason to go back on a rainy or cloudy day ^^. 16 more words

Opposites End in a Vacuum of Ashes: Quantifying Human Compatibility

Five Thirty Eight is a new website that uses data quantification to make qualitative evaluations of our human lives.  A recent article concerning people really only wanting to date themselves captured my attention.


35. Opposite : Brazen vs Coy

I got this idea as a result of some extensive doodling, I’m not sure where it could take me, so we’ll see.

Brazen vs Coy is like Ben &Jerry’s vs HD, but we all know whose winning off course. 111 more words



Aren’t they a funny thing?

Always tied with strings.

You can’t be happy is there was no sadness

You can’t hope if there was no despair… 46 more words