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"Unquestioned questions"

“The simplicity of complexity,
Astounds even the most scholarly.
While the complexity of simplicity,
Ridicules the most uneducated.

Does simple always need to be complex? 8 more words


Division of them; brown and blue.

Today, I went to the beach.
A place at the division of the land from the sea.
I liked a lot of things.
The contrast of two wonders, the sandy brown and blue sea. 176 more words


Opportunity Cost

I love rollercoasters but I hate waiting in line,
I love my long showers but I waste a lot of minutes,
What I don’t like is the fact that I was supposed to say “time”, 103 more words


Participation Ribbon

He brought it home.
Green. Jagged Edges. Gold Font.
Good Job, Participant.
Hung on the refrigerator to flaunt.

He got the award not because he won or because it was something he earned. 214 more words

The Rhymes


Curled up
Tucked in
Breathing deep
Eyelids droop
I give in
I float away
Spread out
Blankets askew
Sharp breath in
Eyes groggy
I fight back
I rouse myself


My stay in London and my work experience at Bloomsbury International

First of all I have to introduce myself to those of you that don’t know me.

I’m Axel RUFFIE, I’m nineteen, I live in the south of France near Toulouse, and to pass my second year at my business and management school I had to do an internship in a foreign country, that’s why I chose the UK. 537 more words

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