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Dependence of Opposites

The two have always been together, both unable to survive without the other. You would never be able to think of one without the other coming to your mind at some point. 340 more words


The Story Of Opposites

No one in this world is content with what they have . But the things we want is mostly always the opposite of what we have . 294 more words


I think it’s because we were too different that we couldn’t get along. As if we were both too stubborn. It’s okay if I regret it, though I can’t really say I do. 24 more words


In her world.

In a distant place, he wears a vacant face
With a happy trace, her heart begins to race.
He’s trying hard to cope
She’s an innocent victim of hope. 373 more words


Day 234: August 22

Spicy vs. Sweet

Yes, that is dark cocoa flavored sugar, courtesy of the Spice & Tea Exchange in Georgetown, DC.


Day 233: August 21

Land vs. Sky

This was taken at Gravelly Point Park in Arlington, VA. It is one of the best spots in the US for watching airplanes take-off and land, as it is located just a few hundred feet away from the Reagan Airport runway. 11 more words