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What is big? What is small?
Is there a difference
Between tiny and tall?

A little bug on a blade of grass
Is huge when viewed through… 190 more words

Michael Watson Writer


She stays up watching Youtube till 3 in the morning. 

I do my best to go to bed at 10. 

She puts make-up on and looks pretty everyday. 474 more words

Miserable Opposite Day

Early on, we’re taught not to use double negatives when speaking and writing.  It is confusing and slows down discourse when used.  The usual culprits include, “I didn’t hear nothing.” “I didn’t see neither of the two people.” The double negatives indicate the opposite of what the speaker apparently meant to say. 883 more words

Cultural Highlights

A Brand New Valentines Day Story from The Wild Rose Press: Time Out, Valentine by Melinda Dozier

I’m always pleased to host Wild Rose Press authors, especially considering I am one myself. I love their covers, and they publish some fabulous stories. Today, I have Melinda Dozier answering some questions and sharing her latest release… 966 more words


Day Two Hundred and Ninety-Three: Yew

Guardian of gateways and graves, here you stand, dark and brooding temple denizen, a paradoxical plant: all poison save the bright red olive casings, soft abacus beads on green deadly lines, yet your bark extract synthesised to fight cankers. 63 more words



Interesting. The weirdest of the facts about this word is that you do not know what exactly is interesting for you.  Maybe its your hobby, your passion, your work or its something that you hate to do. 138 more words