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Alimony laws restrict men's bodies, Men's Rights Redditors claim. (Of course they do.)

So over in the Men’s Rights subreddit, some of the regulars have declared war on the meme above, attempting to “rebut” it by pointing out the many ways in which men’s bodies are regulated by the state. 651 more words


[Not All] Redditors agree: "In 99% of societal contexts such as going to office, going to the supermarket ... etc, it is men who have to be continually afraid of women."

Oh, Reddit! Need another reminder that on Reddit, whiny lady-hating man-babies can be found outside the Men’s Rights and Red Pill subreddits? Take a look at this… 271 more words


The E-Day Concert that Wasn't: The Canadian Association for Equality turns a PR disaster into a PR catastrophe

MRAs seem to think that they can spin their way out of pretty much anything. And on the internet, particularly in their own little echo chamber, they can kind of get away with it. 784 more words