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Pentagon’s Bio-terrorism-Labs in the Ukraine*

Pentagon’s Bio-terrorism-Labs in the Ukraine*

By Leonid Savin

Despite international agreements that regulate activities in the field of biological research, on this subject, just as on the subject of chemical weapons, … 904 more words


Twitter: twars and twariors

As with every twar debate, all the twarriors come to the battle field.

The Defence Rests Your Honour

Oh, what sparked all this? This.

Is it art or misogyny infused by patriarch? 7 more words

Set Me Free to Be

To the world I plead, let go of my spirit, anchor me no more. Within your quiet embrace, my ribs splinter, only half breaths, and tingling extremities. 27 more words

Free Write-Open Topics


So, the other weekend, Squisher and I were having a lie-in, reading the internet on our phones, as you do. I was quietly reading whatever it was in my blog feed when he came out with some assinine comment about women ruining a monumental scientific achievement – landing a robot on a comet – by complaining about a shirt a guy wore to announce it, when that shirt was made by his female* friend as a gift. 799 more words


The Apple of my Shepherd's Pie

One step forward and two step back

Ireland is off the beaten track.

The path to freedom is close in sight,

But it’s barricaded by a Catholic blight… 543 more words


Native American Dependency

There is a Native Tribal college where I live. I am disappointed in my people when I hear about recent scandal there. I use to work there with my people. 136 more words

Freedom is free

This obsession with demanding rights, with demanding equality, freedom (insert your demand here), is a hoax played by the elite to keep lame and stupid people occupied with the mundane. 24 more words