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So, true to course, I’m still toiling on what the main focus of this blog should be. Let me share a bit of my thought process before I open the floor. 944 more words

CofC student body VP: Legislators must respect academic freedom From a disappointed student...

Chris Piedmont

I am disappointed. Disappointed in many of the players in this state that I, and most of my family members, have called home for generations. 416 more words

Shaikh Hammaad al-Ansaari on Why Polytheism [Shirk] is Called Oppression [Dhulm]

Shaikh Hammad al-Ansaari, may Allaah have mercy on him, said, “Why is polytheism called oppression ?

Because polytheism is to place worship where it doesn’t belong. 62 more words


The one party state

A one party state rules the labourer;

He cannot survive his life of terror.

Production falters, whilst the profits soar;

The boss gets richer, the workforce more poor. 62 more words

Serve god!???W

Serve god?!!


Why serve a god who creates the perfect reality for me to dwell in but within that plant a three designed for my destruction… 304 more words