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Headlines From Palestine: October 24, 2014


  • Palestinians resist against occupation forces throughout the West Bank
  • Israeli Occupation deployed flares and counter measures from helicopters over Gaza Seaport last night
  • Israeli Occupation allows only Palestinian men over 40 and women of any age into Al Aqsa for Friday prayers …
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We can be heroes

(Trigger warnings apply on this post for assault, misogyny, domestic violence, and bitter sarcasm/flippancy about male perpetrators of violence against women.)

This is written for cis-gendered straight guys. 1,099 more words

Social Justice

Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Bone: A Boxtroll review

Where are the rivers of blood and the mountains of bone?

I was promised mountains of bone!

-Winifred Portly Rind

 Spoiler Warning: This article spoils the movie Boxtrolls. 1,068 more words


The P-Word

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here. My girlfriend and I started another blog as a couple on queer sex/health advice/kink/lots of other stuff, so that’s taken up some of my free writing time, but to be honest, I haven’t posted a lot there, either. 1,990 more words

Transphobia comes to Essex campus - it is not welcome

Today at Essex University the poisonous Julie Bindel was given a platform to talk. The reason that this is a controversial move is that Bindel has written a vast amount of damaging, ignorant and bigoted articles regarding transgenderism, bisexuality and Islam. 476 more words


Elitism Is No Sin

That is, elitism is no sin unless practiced as pretense by those who lack the proper background for it. You’ll notice Daniel had no criticism for the elitism of Nebuchadnezzar. 735 more words