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Suppression of Oppression

Today I went to a conference organized by the Women Empowerment Club of a local university. The conference theme was “Suppression of Oppression.” Given that the conference was at a university and my special price was only $5, I had really low expectations. 687 more words

Social Commentary

Something went very wrong....

Last night, I had the pleasure of celebrating the beginning of Black History Month at a youth organized/led event in one of the communities I work with. 748 more words

Computers and health care

Used to be when you bought a pc (not so familiar with MACs) you could tell them what you wanted on it: RAM, software, firewalls, security programs, whatever.  359 more words

It's not that I did not know right from wrong, it's that I just didn't care!

I know how it is to live the life of the lawless and to this day it seems like second nature to me. I guess I have been an outcast since day one, long before I ever entered adulthood. 762 more words