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What is the Icebucket Challenge?

A new social media craze that’s swept across America has reached the UK.

The ‘Icebucket challenge’ involves filling up a bucket full with ice and water, pouring it over your head, posting the video online and then nominating a friend to do the same in the next 24 hours. 340 more words

ALS Association

Beauty from Disappointment; What a Difference Icing Makes

A Mother and her platinum blond three-year-old walked on the sidewalk in front of me en route to Starbucks this morning. The little one had sparkly sandals, a gingham sundress and wayward ringlets which bounced in stride. 931 more words

Christian Faith

Ice Bucket Challenge, Moving & Tires

Okay, so I haven’t written in over ten days and I feel super guilty about that. But, I have a legit excuse! We’re moving closer to my work! 634 more words


The Ice Water Challenge, We Wish We'd Thought of It First

No matter where you go to get the news, you should have heard of the Ice Water Challenge for ALS by now. If not, then it’s basically celebrities and famous people being doused with ice water and making donations to the ALS foundation. 122 more words

Being present in the midst of chaos

Mindful? Meaningful? Everyone is looking for meaning aren’t we?
We all want to slow down. We all need to breathe. We sometimes need a vacation after a vacation. 659 more words


Kermit The Frog Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It started out as an interesting phenomenon on facebook.  People would dump a bucket of water with a bag of ice poured in it, and challenge other people. 513 more words