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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

I go back and forth like a pendulum swinging when it comes to body image and self-confidence. One minute I’m on a rant about how society has constructed this irrationally small little box for women to fit into when it comes to their bodies. 909 more words

Oprah teaming with Amy Purdy? Makes perfect sense.

Just announced: Dancing With the Stars alum Amy Purdy is going on tour with Oprah.

The inspirational Paralympic bronze medalist will join Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend… 169 more words


These Celebrity Rags-to-Riches Stories Will Give You Hope

We all know the story on Oprah growing up poor, but Leo? Whoa!

If these celebs can do it, why can’t we? There’s still time. 8 more words


Nobody but you is responsible for your life

I watched the final episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show again today.

I never saw her show very often when it was on the air but along with a lot of people I was curious as to what was in store for the final episode after 25 seasons on the air. 794 more words

Think About Your Favorite Movies, Then Read This

So people usually have this crazy reaction when they hear that I don’t particularly like watching movies. They almost seem offended when they find out that I haven’t seen Star Wars or Harry Potter films. 163 more words