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A climate of fear: The path towards the totalitarian police-state

We live in a permanent climate of fear these days, especially since the western leaders have decided to attack the terrorist organization IS(IL) in Iraq and Syria. 758 more words

Protection vs Oppression

It’s a strong word. Oppression. It can mean many things to many people. More recently, I’ve heard it used about the status of women in this world. 647 more words


Itching to share...

Ok, actually I’m itching because of tiny hairs that i’ve not dislodged yet but who’s counting?

I have been mourning.  I’ve been unable to form emotional attachments to new people or even be slightly interested in making new friends.   372 more words

The New thing or what?

This is the year of the African
We are been oppressed by the outside world and even our own leaders
Our leaders dress up to attend meetings where our future is been “sold” 516 more words

Tamil school kids must listen to Hindi speech tomorrow

Europe feared the Aryan race because they wanted to dominate the entire continent, no mater how much the blood shed it was. I am beginning to fear that the dominating character is inbuilt into the Aryans. 366 more words


When I was a child, the president of Argentina was J.D. Perón. If people wanted to have any kind of rights like a job or not being illegally fired or persecuted, they had to be members of his political party called… 188 more words


Last week I watched a chilling video of a mentally ill man getting gunned down by a police officer. The now deceased was running around like a crazy, yelling ‘Shoot me!’ just like a crazy. 754 more words