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Riga Weathers

A rainbow shone further on down the street, flanked by old, tall buildings. Aija and I walked to her apartment so I could drop off my backpack. 890 more words


Repel Negative Energy With Love And Acceptance

When others are rude, insulting, basically disrespectful, we have to affirm to ourselves that we are not the problem, they are dealing with their fears.



Thoughts On The Nature of "Formal"

Formality is an interesting concept. It really just implies a status of wealth and success. Formality is a symbol of something above the norm. What is the norm? 787 more words

30 Days Of Writing

When I Can't Breathe, I Will Listen

My son came home and told me that on his walk from school in our middle-class neighborhood, a police officer slowed down and tailed him and his two friends.  1,228 more words

As A Jesus-Girl

Inhale. Exhale.

I’m finding it hard to breathe.

There is so much to grieve. People of darker shades and dimmer family histories reporting they cannot go anywhere without being suspect; people like myself hearing a clanging noise telling me to judge, if not ignore and keep away at arms length. 85 more words

Doing God’s Will

I will take a brief detour to write about something about “Bible Students’” beliefs that I found deeply disturbing. As I have already mentioned, a very important teaching in Jehovah’s Witnesses is that Armageddon is soon to come and then anyone who does not do God’s will will be destroyed forever. 417 more words

The Worst Sight (inspired poetry)

I wrote this poem years ago in my MFA program while using this picture for inspiration.

On mighty ships like gods from the heavens, but with devilish ways, 165 more words