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Four walls. Trapped.
Closed door. Locked.
Window with the blind. Shut.
That chair. Turned.

It was both my prison cell.
And my recluse.

It was my safety. 27 more words


The New thing or what?

This is the year of the African
We are been oppressed by the outside world and even our own leaders
Our leaders dress up to attend meetings where our future is been “sold” 516 more words

Tamil school kids must listen to Hindi speech tomorrow

Europe feared the Aryan race because they wanted to dominate the entire continent, no mater how much the blood shed it was. I am beginning to fear that the dominating character is inbuilt into the Aryans. 366 more words


When I was a child, the president of Argentina was J.D. Perón. If people wanted to have any kind of rights like a job or not being illegally fired or persecuted, they had to be members of his political party called… 188 more words


Last week I watched a chilling video of a mentally ill man getting gunned down by a police officer. The now deceased was running around like a crazy, yelling ‘Shoot me!’ just like a crazy. 754 more words


Josie the Outlaw Talks at Length About the End of Opression [Videos]

I always go back and forth on whether or not to share Josie’s videos. While she’s very, very good and making her point and explaining, in basic terms, what government’s role is in all our lives, she sometimes pushes the envelope to the point that, seemingly, almost encourages us to defy authority to a point that may possibly cause the average person a lot of trouble. 206 more words


Still alive lol

Once again it’s been a few months since I’ve had the time or energy to blog anything. I do keep saying I’m going to get better at this and maybe one day I will but for now a once in a blue moon post seems to be working for me. 38 more words