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When I was a child, the president of Argentina was J.D. Perón. If people wanted to have any kind of rights like a job or not being illegally fired or persecuted, they had to be members of his political party called… 188 more words


Last week I watched a chilling video of a mentally ill man getting gunned down by a police officer. The now deceased was running around like a crazy, yelling ‘Shoot me!’ just like a crazy. 754 more words


Still alive lol

Once again it’s been a few months since I’ve had the time or energy to blog anything. I do keep saying I’m going to get better at this and maybe one day I will but for now a once in a blue moon post seems to be working for me. 38 more words


Bare with it, I try to make a point (no really I do )

Not the Normal day to day rants and thoughts, just something I had to get out there with, read nothing into it apart from the words. 679 more words




tearing apart the very moral fabric of our society 

A Woman's Cry, A Brothas Prayer

When a mother raises her son to be all he can should she blame herself for his own mistakes or realize as much as he is her child he is his own man? 526 more words

Random Thoughts

"Your life may be a struggle...but for some it's worse"

I’ve been wanting to say something regarding the hell on Earth being leashed on our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity, the Palestinians but I didn’t really know how to go about it. 513 more words

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