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Wise Words

Let me hear
Those wise words
Let me run towards rejection
Of my own understanding
Don’t sell your truth to me
If mine is worth nothing… 85 more words


Communists and Republicans - the same coin, different sides

As a communism survivor I used to say F the communists. We all know what they did. Killed and starved the unfortunate and the poor intellectuals who stood up for freedom of speech and fair equality. 175 more words

Our World

The problem with the western world

The problem with the western world is this: they try to treat the symptoms – terrorism, and not the cause – poverty of children and of the spirit. 50 more words

Our World

Richness Of Spirit

Let’s march for richness of spirit and elimination of poverty in this world we live in. Let’s start with our backyard. Our neighborhood.

There is poverty in Africa. 63 more words


Follow your arrow

In life I think the hardest person to accept sometimes is ourselves. Our parents, our loved ones, our friends, our society, tells us who we should be and how we should be it.

259 more words
Encourage Yourself

The Brute of Greatshale

The Brute of Greatshale (A Pub Shanty)

Come ‘round let all be near
The tale of the man not near
Too shallow his shield to brook arrow and seer… 243 more words


Riga Weathers

A rainbow shone further on down the street, flanked by old, tall buildings. Aija and I walked to her apartment so I could drop off my backpack. 890 more words