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I need 20 leads

To create an FB specifically to my leads, I would need about 20 of them. So far, the leads are increasing.

I should be able to get my 20th lead by tomorrow or on Thursday! :)

Why you should make your Rise program Opt In

Rise offers rich, relevant and regular feedback to employees. Is a scorekeeping solution to help your business succeed.

Our best practice recommendation is to make your program ‘Opt In’ within an internal context.   217 more words


Back on the Fast Track

It was an honor to interview three amazing women I profiled for a recent San Jose Mercury News article. Alison Cormack, Mary Page Platerink, and Kriste Michelini collectively debunk the myth that you can’t step back from your career to focus on your family and then return to great success. 150 more words


Opt-In E-mail : They Know They Want It!

Have you all ever get annoyed by how constantly advertising messages spammed your e-mail inbox? Well have you ever realise “why don’t we ask their permission first?, so that they are aware that the e-marketers are going to send online newsletter to them every month! 314 more words

Transactional Emails- The Magical Solution To Your Marketing Needs

Do you want to send a promotional email to your customers which they will surely open? What if it can get you twice the revenue from other marketing emails? 738 more words

Email Marketing

The Psychology of Distractions and How to Beat them

We’ve all been there. You’ve got an important project due and you’ve procrastinated until the last minute, and now you’re frantically trying to get the work done to meet your deadline. 769 more words

U2's Bono says sorry for foisting album on everybody's iTunes

Remember how Apple last month tied everybody’s iTunes accounts down on a table, put a tube down their throats, and force-fed U2′s latest album, Songs of Innocence, giving it away for free on all devices, without users’ opt-in or say-so? 534 more words