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US Federal Lawsuit Against Smart Meters

Bill Metallo in Florida, USA has filed a federal lawsuit against his energy company for installing a smart meter which has given him major health problems.  126 more words

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Anonymous Common Core flyer upsets East Aurora School Board

A flyer left on cars in the parking lot during a school concert has the East Aurora School Board all in a collective tizzy.

A flyer that was left on vehicles during a school concert earlier this week left some members of the East Aurora School Board concerned over about what they called misinformation being given to residents in the district… 71 more words

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Buh-bye, Obamacare! Hello, Health Care Sharing

Source: Fearless Parent, by Louise Kuo Habakus

Since leaving our corporate jobs, my husband and I have spent an obscene amount of money on health insurance that never covers… … 1,270 more words


The Sexodus part 1

Men have basically decided the rules (written and unwritten) around women, relationships and society just don’t suit them any more and are simply refusing to play. 343 more words

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Tuesday, 9th December 2014

Lloyds send me a “contactless” debit card – without my having asked for one – along with a letter saying that I must start to use it immediately, because my old card will expire in thirty days instead of at the embossed expiry date. 82 more words


Elsewhere in the U.S., Michigan House Hearing on Smart Meters 12.2.14 part 1

The testimony at this recent Michigan House hearing is universal regarding the smart meter issue in any state, including Wisconsin.

Much testimony was given. Here are some points from the input presented by Nurse Abigail Noble: 336 more words

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