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U2's Bono says sorry for foisting album on everybody's iTunes

Remember how Apple last month tied everybody’s iTunes accounts down on a table, put a tube down their throats, and force-fed U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence, giving it away for free on all devices, without users’ opt-in or say-so? 534 more words


Are You Really Free? The Food Edition

This is a series of articles (sourced from around the web) that aim to show the extension of the State and its power over you. 427 more words

Opting Out

ELSEWHERE in the U.S.: Oakland CA residents want state action

Carole Garcia keeps all her bloody tissues in a gallon Ziplock bag she’s saved.

The Rochester Hills resident wants evidence, she said, because it’s her smart utility meter causing her nose to bleed every day. 45 more words

Opt Out

Tips: Ensuring your online privacy

Did you know employers check your resume on career sites to see if you’re updating? A sign you are still job searching elsewhere.

Did you know potential employers will “discriminate” potential interviews or hiring based on your age, location, and personal life – from social media outlets? 253 more words


Snapshot: California is finally trying to correct the wrongs of 2000-1

According to Severin Borenstein, California is finally trying to correct the wrongs that have their roots in the 2000-1 electricity market crisis: “The first step to rationalizing California’s electricity rates is to greatly reduce or eliminate increasing-block pricing.” 35 more words


The Final Straw: Cancel Our Labor Contracts, We Cancel Your Tests

You can’t do that.

All the fear, frustration and mounting rage of public school teachers amounts to that short declarative sentence.

You can’t take away our autonomy in the classroom. 1,743 more words

Corporate Education "Reform"

Get rid of junk mail and junk phone calls

I have been meaning to attempt to stop some (or all!) of the junk snail mail I get. I also need to get rid of junk phone calls. 366 more words