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Day 70: Letting Go

Sometimes in life, you come to the realization that you are holding onto so much baggage, that it’s just weighing you down. I have a terrible habit of being self-critical; honestly, I’m my own worst enemy. 397 more words

Some will wear purple

Reaching for the light.
Still blooming brighter than most.
Age, an illusion.


The greatest attraction

She was an odd one
Or so it appeared

Word had traveled quickly
Her home had more doors than walls

Visitors requested viewings by the score… 117 more words


Who took my rose-colored glasses?

Who took my rose-colored glasses? Without them I’m in limbo-land, my own personal time warp. The pain when I move, or the sleep that won’t come, prompts mid-night pharmaceutical intervention and a late start the next day. 432 more words

Delayed Gratification: Your “no” could be a “not yet."

When I graduated from (what I believe to be) the best college in the land, I just knew I would land the job of my dreams, in the city of my choice, making a big-time salary, with big-time clients or internally for a big-time organization. 541 more words



So being dairy free means I’m missing out on all my favourite recipes that include, well, dairy.  Being the flexible girl I am (okay so I’m only… 803 more words


What is a Priority?

So much to do and so little time! I have so many outstanding things! I don’t know where to start!

Do any of these thoughts resonate in you? 93 more words