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Third Week of May

This shouldn’t bother me…but it does. I shouldn’t be thinking about it…but I am. These words shouldn’t even be on paper…but they are.

Just a few words…a few, glorious word that should be wonderful to hear…they stab…they kill. 210 more words


A "Leap of Faith" and a "Jump for Joy"

After I wrote “Yearning for Gap Year“, I spent an entire month whining. Every single day I would say “This is not the life I want!”. 423 more words


Dear Diary: Small Victories ♥︎

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

Dear Diary, 

As a young girl dealing with anxiety, everyday actions can seem hard to do. 304 more words

Anisa Nasir

Sudden realization

I realized while sitting in a parked car in a Home Depot parking lot for around an hour and a half, that I just may be a teensy bit crazy…. 55 more words


Will Idiots Actually Inherit the Earth?

Devo has always intrigued me, especially the story behind their name. “Devo” stands for “de-evolution,” a philosophical concept created by the founding members. The concept negates the optimistic viewpoint reinforced by industrial societies: the human race as a whole is evolving, in a sense improving. 1,273 more words

Hope: Isn't it more than optimism?

I have been reading through 1 John slowly over the past couple of weeks. Not because I can’t read quickly, I mean it only has a couple of chapters. 709 more words

Woman Crush Wednesday...Friday?

Today, I am EXTREMELY grateful for the bad ass women of our time. Our generation has produced some pretty sick heroines to be grateful for. Here is my tribute to ladies who can rock out to the extreme while still looking majorly attractive. 390 more words