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A note for the Lost Angel.....

  Many would deny the fact and disregard to believe how they perceive ‘A Girl‘. For some, it might be the physical appearance, marinated with their own perceptions and imaginations. 277 more words


On and On and On

Dear Alice,

     Each day is a small life. Each session of twenty-four hours unfold independently as a brand new canvas you can paint however you want. 286 more words

Lettre Restante

Good News

Written sometime in November at a turning point of sorts. One of many or maybe just a peak on the roller coaster of teaching…

There were some excellent moments today. 425 more words


8 Things To Do After Graduating From College

Most college graduates have their lives figured out and may graduate with a job in their career field but still there are those that don’t. So, what shall you do next? 363 more words


God's decree

Allah’s plans work in amazing ways 😭❤️ things you would never expect in your life to happen, does happen. Allah continues giving and forgiving and we keep getting and forgetting. 😢😔

Democracy – The long and often bloody fight for freedom – The Abolition of Slavery in the United States of America.

The use of slaves was widespread in America though there were some opposition from certain groups. They were used as domestics, artisans or field workers. These Africans were imported via the Arab slave traders in what had become a lucrative trade. 285 more words