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Warm Fuzzies

Warm fuzzies, what a great descriptor. I generally like to think of myself as a happy person, though there are clearly days that I am anything but happy. 795 more words


Under a full moon with wondering souls.

This last week I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I was invited by the Recovery International group to assist to their Convention in San Diego. 634 more words

Naked Life

Enjoy the life as it is now.

Without the clothes

Everyone sew.

Enjoy the life as it is now.



Without clothes.

Don’t be fooled by their smiles, 100 more words


Five Things You Need to Stop Saying

1. I am not ___________ enough. 

Yes, you are. Let me be clear that I am not speaking in monetary terms here. I choose to live a life that is not defined by the size of my paycheck (good thing, too, since size of said paycheck is currently zero). 1,150 more words



Those I went to high school with might notice the title and wonder if I’m going to reference that video from junior retreat in this blog post, and you’re half right. 1,293 more words


Your Happiness Is In Your Hands

What is happiness? What does happiness mean? I’m 26 and I have access to numerous devices that access wi-fi which allows me to get information on virtually ANYTHING in seconds. 1,341 more words



An enigma of uncertainty and doubt lurk in the dusty recesses of my thoughts as a shadow, shrouded only by my strong wall of resilience and confidence. 83 more words