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Just gonna live

I swear I’m at the point where all I can do is laugh at all my misfortune. 1 stupid sexual experience that wasn’t even that great has now cost me thousands of dollars, countless trips to the dr, a horrible allergic reaction n quite a few hours missed from work. 214 more words

Buck Up and Merry Christmas Dearest Ones

Family coming into town…ready yourself for the questions. Those loving, and ever invested questions that just make you want to cry. Because the answer is not what either of you want to hear, because their response is so familiar, almost rehearsed in your mind. 363 more words


‘Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.’ ~ Eckart Tolle…

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Appreciating the world; what I call the poetic trip.

I’m 18 and the world can seem pretty bleak. This bleakness is caused stress of college work and two jobs…and during this spell where everything seems dull I completely disregard the face that I am lucky to have an education, I’m lucky I have a job let alone two. 212 more words

Opher's new book - Opher's Art and Outpourings. pt 9

Work – 1973

I called this piece work with rather a tongue in cheek attitude. I have never minded work. I like working hard. What I resent is the time it takes. 248 more words


Interpreting Others

We meet somebody and interpret that person’s actions using our personal worldview. We explain that person’s behavior by analyzing it based on our experience and knowledge until that moment. 492 more words