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Who am I...

I am an odd mix of introverted and extroverted. It all depends on my surroundings and my emotions.

I am keenly aware of other people’s emotional state and it leaves an impression on me. 822 more words

Walk Forward, Move Forward

As the water makes its own path,

Never is it dithered by the pebbles and rocks

That comes in its path,

It knows it has to be flowing, 65 more words


A Post on... Wasted Efforts.

On October 28th, A NASA rocket called Antares was launched into the sky. Six seconds into liftoff, the rocket encountered a problem and exploded, falling back to the ground and erupting in a spectacular display of flames. 583 more words


The Dreaded Vocabulary Words

So, this year I started something new–vocabulary words, and they cannot stand them. They have to write two different definitions on the first day, two synonyms and one antonym on the second day, and on the third day (as their test), they have to write a five- to seven-word sentence with each vocabulary word. 136 more words


I will Make it

I feel better
Like a weight lifted off my shoulders
I feel I’m free
I can take on this life
I can succeed
There will be challenges… 27 more words


Seeking Solace In Your Past Self

Often, in moments of fear or anxiety, I go back and read my old blog posts; the ones about bravery and growth and optimism.  I smile a little, nod a little, but a lot of times, I just wonder. 374 more words

Life In Moments