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The Follow-up (NaPoWriMo Day 22)

You’re doing great.
I am really happy with your progress. But
there were those two positive nodes,
so we didn’t quite get clean margins.
We really like clean margins. 156 more words


Because When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going

It’s true that when times get tough, and things start to fall apart in your life, you really begin to see who is there for you. 357 more words


“Emotions are the colors of the soul.”

~ William Paul Young,



Article 1: The Hatchlings of Anita Purity

Article 2: Im Purity’s Escape

Im Purity managed to escape from the forest she used to call home. But the weight of her emotions dragged her to the ground. 149 more words


Glasses and their nature of repleteness

Some say the glass is half full.
Others say the glass is half empty.
I say stop analysing and enjoy your drink.


Are Pessimistic Brains Different?

Discovery channel’s empirical perspective on the pessimist/optimist controversy. Intriguing issue to bring up with friends or family who are hardwired differently than you. It’s always a struggle to evaluate when contending with the logos of science and the pathos of an intimate personal relationship.

Take Off The Dark Lenses... (Writer's Digest Poem A Day Challenge) Prompts: Pessimism, optimism or mixture of two

What if I can’t?
What if you can?
What if I fail?
What if you succeed?
What if I am hurt?
What if you are healed? 98 more words