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The Whiner

Some days you just get sick of listening to everyone complain about everything. This becomes a drain on your own happiness and optimistic outlook to the point that you realize that you, too, have become a complainer. 103 more words


Humanity is getting harder and harder to believe in - The words of an optimist

Everyday we come face to face with another being of our species. It would be almost impossible not to after all we are a race that relies solely on the acceptance of others to determine our self worth. 369 more words


Tyranny of optimists

“In my observation, the most monstrous and vile people are those who are filled with energy and confidence. These people make life miserable for those of us who have doubts about everything we do and above all about existence itself.”

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Thomas Ligotti

The Universe Does Not Owe You Love

The universe does not owe you love. The universe doesn’t owe you anything.

I spent my entire life assuming that I would grow up, find a guy who understands me to my very core and treats me with respect and love, and live happily ever after. 1,020 more words