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Sexism in the City - managing conflict

A female client was having a difficult time in her office – open plan, male dominated and in the City. A male colleague took great delight in sneaking up behind her and tickling her in the ribs. 377 more words

Strategy & Marketing

Baby Come Back!

Are you dealing with unhealthy relationships? I think we all do, or have in the past. Isn’t that why we choose to live far away from immediate family? 334 more words

Letting Go


We all have choices to make; everyday.  Some choices may be easy, insignificant, and small.  Those are the best kind.  They don’t change your course in life, one way or another; the choice doesn’t really matter.   434 more words


So, You Have to Make a Decision...

Being a college student, there are naturally multiple high-stake decisions that I have to make. For example: What college to go to, to stay or to go, what major to pursue. 823 more words


What Mortgage Lending looks like Today and how it can help You!

With all of the lending changes in the past 7 years, (the majority of them being more restrictive) we are seeing a “market correction,” where lenders are beginning to open the gates to easier lending. 500 more words

Transgender People and Bathrooms

     One thing that has been in the news on and off is what bathrooms transgender people “should” use. Some people feel that people who identify along the transgender spectrum ought to use the bathroom that matches their appearance (for example, a transgender male who has not started hormones and/or gotten surgery, according to these people, should use the “women’s” restroom). 294 more words


GDP & FOMC Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning’s Q2 GDP print could cause significant volatility before the afternoon’s FOMC minutes. The minutes could further increase volatility. I am closing my short spy and tna puts today to avoid whatever tomorrow brings. 11 more words