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Why take a break from academics?

Almost through my Masters’ degree, it is obvious to think of my options ahead. The process is tedious, especially as I went for my Postgrad right after the completion of my Undergrad, which means I got no full time work experience, even though I made it a point to be no less of work experience when I graduate so I capitalised on every opportunity that came along. 304 more words

Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Drive Action

I was reading an article on TechRepublic when a pop up was shown. It provided me an option to Sign Up. It was intrusive, so my automatic reaction was to move my mouse quickly to close the pop up. 121 more words

UX Design

Covered Call Basics: Earning money on stocks you own (and plan on owning). Part 1: Open a call by selling it

Covered calls (SHORT CALLS) are great.  They are often misunderstood.  There is literally ZERO RISK and if you do it right you can generate a breezy 5% or more on a flat stock.   1,077 more words

Last time, we looked at our actual trades for XLB. On April 10, we opened the position by selling three 47 puts (expiring in 7days) for about 51 cents each. 373 more words

XLB #1

It’s time to update the XLB trade once again.

To summarize, we are in this trade because the charts tell us that is where we should be. 513 more words

Parenting decision #1 - breast or bottle

The arrival of baby may still be some time away, so I’ve been doing some thinking about the big stuff and some of the early decisions we need to make as parents. 1,502 more words


Preparing for Chemo

Okay, now that I have Sex out-of-the-way, I can return to my previous attempts to figure out why doctors don’t prepare patients for the rigors of chemo. 1,425 more words

Breast Cancer