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Dr. Murray Blackmore: The Hunt Continues for Novel Therapeutic SCI Gene Targets at Working 2 Walk 2014

Attendees at the U2FP Working 2 Walk Symposium in Seattle were updated on the latest exciting strategies and new results from the Dr. Murray Blackmore Laboratory at Marquette University in Milwaukee. 302 more words

Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Research

We're talking serious bench SCI research and not with a walkie-talkie! Dr. Blackmore

My favorite videos are from the Unite 2 Fight Paralysis (U2FP) Working 2 Walk Video Library. Thought provoking ideas are shared on these recordings, so I study them at home and continue to think a great deal about the science and research progress they reveal. 609 more words

Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Research

Circuit Therapeutics Brings an "O" to Optogenetics

October 31, 2014 | by Darcy Blake | It is fitting that I’d have a futuristic experience on Halloween. I even donned a costume of a blue gown, shoe covers and rubber gloves. 569 more words

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Friday Paper Post - Friday Oct. 31st

Happy Halloween!

Still catching up. Most of these papers are from around August. Hopefully I can get an extra post in soon so we can be caught back up to the latest and greatest each week :) 821 more words

Friday Paper List

Scientists use optogenetics in reprogramming emotional association of neurons in dentate gyrus

Did the emotional association of the original experience actually change, or did the subsequent experience simply replace the earlier engram for the emotional experience of opposite valence?   408 more words

Friday Paper Post - Friday October 24th 2014

This blog will continue hobbling along until the posts are caught up.

Here are more papers from over the summer!

1) Fast-spiking, parvalbumin+ GABAergic interneurons: From cellular design to microcircuit function… 988 more words

Friday Paper List