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Nos sirve reconocer que aún en el presente hay personas santas que desempeñan sus quehaceres ordinarios sin llamar la atención pero con excelencia. Al declarar beato a Álvaro del Portillo, la Iglesia Católica nos invita a seguir su ejemplo. 700 more words


To Pray For A Happy Death

“As Canadians we stand there humbled and grateful . . . These monuments remind us that freedom is never free. It has been earned by the soldier and then donated to all of us. 507 more words


M Voris & Catholic Independent New Media

Okay Mr Independent Catholic New Media, answer this:

Who Wrote the CMTV Manifesto and didn’t have the guts to put a name to the Manifesto; 41 more words

One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church

"John Vennari - Noah's Nakedness"(M.V. Reaction)

John Vennari – Noah’s Nakedness: http://youtu.be/DfFMrWHQS-8

Church Milquetoast.tv and their infamous Manifesto, with rebuttal by John Vennari, a Must Watch, as “The Cheque Writer”, controls what Michael Voris says and does. 9 more words

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"Kasper the Friendly Liar"(Church Milquetoast.tv)

Kasper the Friendly Liar: http://youtu.be/fWwff3Inu9M

While the video speaks The Truth, there is something Hollow about Michael Voris when he speaks about Catholic Independent Media. … 34 more words

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"Let's Just Say..." (M Voris Mea Maxima Culpa)

Let’s Just Say…: http://youtu.be/-nL_sADTFu0

As if a “Contrite Cocker Spaniel”, Michael Voris, made a “Mea Maxima Culpa” Video & posted it on CMTV News.com and You Tube. 100 more words

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It Makes No Sense To Rip A Bishop But Not The Boss

One Video Producer/Host has this need to “Rip A Certain Cardinal ‘A New One’”, while forgetting about his Chief, namely the One who gave the Order. 196 more words

One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church