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Laibach - Opus Dei (1987)

Presenting the pioneers of martial industrial. They were banned and silenced in their native Slovenia for being suspected as fascists, yet they continued to receive a fair amount of underground attention throughout Europe, particularly in both Germany and England. 41 more words



Saxum is latin for Rock. In turn, rock can be viewed negatively as something static, unmoving.

But it also has a positive meaning – strength, foundation, stability. 269 more words

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Opus Dei

Opus Dei

Opus Dei is a Roman Catholic lay order founded in 1928 in Spain, where it gained support from the government of Francisco Franco… 54 more words

5 days to the launch - new review "A very clever plot feeds a fun mystery of financial process"

John Rymer (@johnrrymer) has posted the following new review on Amazon:

“A very clever plot feeds a fun mystery of financial process

“Po Bronson meets Dan Brown … but with the wit, charm. 123 more words

6 days to the launch of The HolyPhone Confessional Crisis: selected characters #3

Selected characters #3

The primary ‘good guys’ include the following, listed in the order they appear:

Davide Sharpe is half-Spanish and half-English. It is his original idea, described once to Father José Antonio who in turn told Cardina d Ferraz, which set the Vatican down the path of the HolyPhone. 124 more words