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OPW Pencils Down

The summer has almost ended and so has my OPW internship @ Apache Mesos .
I had a great time working on my project and it was a good learning experience for me. 1,422 more words


Week 12 & 13 @wikidata...The Final Touch

Welcome back friends,
Welcome to my last fortnightly reporting post for Wikidata as part of the OPW internship…
Yes, we have reached the end of this beautiful journey today… :( 424 more words


Final thoughts on my OPW experience

It’s official! GTG’s calendar plugin is finally ready! Just in time, since today is the last day of my OPW internship.
My pull request is under review, and (hopefully) it will be merged soon into the main branch. 221 more words


Java roadblocks and icebreakers

For the last part of my internship, I’m adding a search function to the Java Wiki Bot Framework. Unfortunately, the Java ecosystem has had other ideas. 171 more words


Flock Report 2014: Through the Eyes of a Female Fedora Designer

I had an amazing time at Flock 2014! This was my first international conference, my first week long conference and my very first Flock. Prague is a beautiful city, and I enjoyed every moment of art and history that I could. 1,268 more words


Scraping Meta Information from URLs

Last week I completed the following items for readlater app thanks to generous help from brantje`:

  • Delete an item in the readlater app
  • Scrape meta info from a given URL…
  • 457 more words

Week 10 & 11 @wikidata...getting socially Interactive!

Helloooo Friends!
Hope you’re in the pink of spirits… :)

My work for Wikidata is centered around a strong outreach program for this awesome project. Along past 9 weeks, I have worked on several ideas to accomplish this, which fortunately received good responses. 419 more words