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Properties of the Relational tables

Relational tables have six properties:
1. Values are atomic.
2. Column values are of the same kind.
3. Each row is unique.
4. The sequence of columns is insignificant. 13 more words

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Difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE

  • Truncate cannot be rolled back while Delete can be.
  • Truncate keeps the lock on table while Delete keeps the lock on each row.
  • Truncate resets the counter of the Identity column while Delete doesn’t do so.
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What are cursors and when they are useful?

When we execute any SQL operations, SQL Server opens a work area in memory which is called Cursor.

-When it is required to perform the row by row operations which are not possible with the set-based operations then Cursor is used. 125 more words

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Oracle optimizer doesn't understand elementary math

If A < B and B < C then A < C

Right? We all know the transitive rule… all of us except the Oracle optimizer. 1,179 more words


Cloud accounts for half of Oracle’s total revenue growth

By Meaghan McGrath, Research Analyst

Oracle beats guidance, led by execution on its revamped cloud strategy and proven leadership from Catz and Hurd

With new CEOs Safra Catz and Mark Hurd in the driver’s seat for a full quarter, Oracle beat FY2Q15 guidance, growing net revenue nearly 3.5% to $9.6 billion. 810 more words


Former cloud pariah Oracle claims stronger cloud sales

Oracle, which ramped up its cloud marketing and product rollouts over the past year, touted some encouraging signs for that business in its second quarter, ending November 30. 573 more words

Selecting Default Values

If I’ve done it once, I’ve done it a dozen times.  In SQL Server, if I want to default a value in a select list, I simply write the value I want and stick it in the select list: 85 more words