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Loading timestamp with timezone into a table using SQL Developer

I will start this post off stating  that I know there are better and more efficient methods of doing this but this is the best method I could come up with. 292 more words


Reading for 11/22- 11/29 2014

A reading from my soon to be released oracle card deck. I edited all of the cards, I just have to finish the booklet and then people will be able to purchase. 370 more words


Setup login.sql in sqlplus windows envrionment

it would be tiresome to enter environment variables each time you login to sqlplus, good thing is sqlplus allows us to use a script (login.sql) which has the environment variables defined each time we login (user profile)  https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e16604/ch_two.htm#i1133044 .   138 more words


Roles in Oracle

Roles are set of privileges that can be granted to users. Roles differ based on the privileges added to it. Creating roles are best way to save time and effort rather than setting privileges for each and every user. 169 more words


Oracle Database 12c In-Memory column store


In very big database environment, take an example of MacDonald’s. Let say, I want to know the sales of Macdonald stores in one region for today. 1,246 more words


Data Access

Oracle uses several means to control data access and the best way is to assign privileges and roles to users. You can assign individual privileges to users but this can become overwhelming when you have many users, this is were roles comes in to play as privileges can be assigned to the role then the role assigned to the user. 1,083 more words