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Oral Fixation Speaks This Monday, April 14

by Steven Doyle

This Monday, April 14 at 8pm in the brand-new venue on Level 6 of the Wyly Theatre, Oral Fixation will bring you seven juicy true-life tales on the theme, “Ducks in a Row.”  Join Oral Fixation for an evening of stories including a woman exposing the intricacies of life with OCD, a lesbian’s attempt to learn how to ride a bicycle at the advanced age of 22, and a new dad’s attempt to reconcile with his wild little brother.   

Steven Doyle

Days 4 & 5: It's spring, why re-boot when you can re-barefoot?

My metaphors are often wafer thin, in case you missed it in the title of today’s post.  Screw the boots, it’s spring!

So I juiced for all of Saturday. 599 more words

Jenny Q – True Life Tales Told Live

The most entertaining and memorable live theater I’ve seen in years is the monthly event called Oral Fixation: An Obsession with True Life Tales. There was another round of seven compelling stories shared last night at Hamon Hall, ATT Performing Arts Center, by our ‘ordinary’ friends and neighbors. 148 more words


Tom Hiddleston. Yes. 100 time yeeeeeeeeeees!!! I love this man to the point of manic obsession. Like every other girl on the planet, I have an innate love of bad boys. 177 more words

"Silver Lining" featuring Bryan Dolgin

In late January, I was one of seven who shared a true life tale in the Oral Fixation production at Hamon Hall inside the Winspear Opera House in Dallas.   25 more words


Dreams For Plans

“Once upon a time you and I
When we were dreamin’ easy
Fresh as limes and happy as a Sunday sky
There was nothing we could sell or buy… 675 more words