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True Immigrant Tales: Sexual Abuse in Steerage

“There was an outside main deck and an upper-deck on which the steerage were allowed.   These were each about 40 feet wide by 50 feet long, but probably half of this space was occupied by machinery, ventilators, and other apparatus.  791 more words

Oral History

In love with Molly Andrews & Heike Roms

Deep love.

Heard both of their talks today and you can too, links below. Best 2 hours I’ve had in a long time.
Oral History is new to me and admittedly, feeling on the outside has become my friend. 195 more words

East London

Hugh's Sour Dough Starter

Hugh Addington, born in 1894,  began cooking sourdough biscuits and hot cakes for his family’s sheepherding trips in Idaho’s Seven Devils Mountains when he was a boy. 511 more words

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Oral History Interview - Jerome Phillips

We interviewed Jerome Phillips earlier this month – of the well-known dealers ‘Phillips of Hitchin’, established in the 1880s, and still trading from the same address at the Manor House in Hitchin.   92 more words

What's Your Story?

Long before there were computers or typewriters, or even pen and ink, civilizations passed on their stories, anecdotes, wisdom, traditions, songs and more via an oral history. 363 more words

A Birthday Tribute to Grandmother Lillian (Weaver) Somers

By Angela (Somers) Wittman

Tomorrow, September 24th, is my grandmother’s birthday. She was born in 1903 in Randolph County, Arkansas, to the lovely and spirited Maggie Lenoa and the athletic William Izear Weaver*. 539 more words

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