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Lets face it — no one wants to have bad breath. Breath can tell us a lot about our health, ranging from simple bad breath to a more serious, underlying issue. 686 more words

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New Directions in Oral Health Care – Dentist Sandy Springs

The hygienist plays an intricate role in your oral health care.  At a minimum the role includes periodontal disease evaluation, taking x-rays and a patient’s periodontal charting.  526 more words

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PlacidWay Continues to Define Trends in Mexico’s Medical Tourism Market

Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical resource and provider based in Denver, Colorado, is an expert in the medical tourism industry. His company has become one of the most popular, and leading, medical tourism providers in the country. 250 more words

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The Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening

Everyone craves a beautiful white smile, but did you know you can harm yourself trying to get it? DIY teeth whitening kits have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, but what most don’t realize is they can cause uneven whitening, increased sensitivity, and infection. 164 more words

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Proper flossing removes plaque and food particles in places where a toothbrush cannot easily reach — under the gumline and between your teeth. Because plaque build-up can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and even periodontal, daily flossing is highly recommended. 226 more words

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How to choose the right toothpaste

If you walk down the toothpaste aisle at the store and are completely overwhelmed, know you’re not alone. There is an array of varieties for consumers to choose from with different ingredients, flavors and purposes. 211 more words

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Sydney Dental |The Truth about Common Tooth Care Home Remedies

Tooth care home remedies can bring instant relief to an aching tooth or even provide ways to whiten stained teeth. However, what most people do not realized is that home care remedies can be detrimental to your oral health if not taken and used properly. 708 more words

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