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Blow Job Lessons From My Best Friend's Dad

Of all the memories I have of being 19 and having an affair with my best friend’s dad, the one that I think about most often is the first blow job lesson he gave me. 1,837 more words

Adam knows May Linh doesn’t lie (chapter XXV)

The day had started like usual on the house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian Country. I must say that since May Linh had arrived after agreeing to old Mr. 1,696 more words

Tuesday Hot Sex Tip #6

Fluttering Tongue

When going down on your lover, imagine your tongue as a humming bird’s wing on slow motion. Touching the underside of your tongue gently to the head of his penis for added stimulation! 7 more words

Adult Store

Misadventures in Oral Sex

Everyone likes gettin’ some head. It’s fun, sexy, and a great stress reliever. And if you’re in a relationship, it’s always good to reciprocate so your partner is enjoying it as much as you are. 706 more words

Wake me up

Recently I received something I really enjoy, which is waking up to sex.

That’s a weird thing I like, and I know why too, as that’s how I lost my virginity, while I slept (thank you… 740 more words


September 1, 2014: An average girl's thoughts on porn and general sex tips

This morning I was grumpy as fuck. I don’t know why, i just was. Apparently I thought watching porn in the morning would be a good way to pick up my mood.   597 more words

Expanding the art of your blow job....


That’s part 2 of me talking about one of my favorite subjects. If you are new to following me, the other favorite is spanking. :) 738 more words