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Tender Touch

“Close your eyes,” lips by my ear, softly say,
Gently brushing my hair out of the way,
Your fingertips across my flushed cheek stray,

With eyes tightly closed, feel lips gently peck, 470 more words

Erotic Poetry

i know i have been mia...

i know i have been gone for a long time and i haven’t blogged but gesshh my life has been super hectic. I went to see my boyfriend(he lives in another state..just in case i haven’t told you guys yet). 239 more words

My turn

We are going to jump right in, so if you want the first part of the escapades, see the previous post.


She whispered in my ear “Your turn!” 726 more words


It began like this

(This is The Mary Saga [ 1, 2])
(Technically the first 2 parts are the last 2 parts of the Mandy Saga, so check them for more back story.) 1,111 more words



Damn right she’s smiling. Getting pussy licked by another woman is awesome.

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Nude Woman


Girl-on-girl oral. Seriously, get a woman if you wanna try this. Sublime. Look at her face.

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Nude Woman


Good clean fun. Girls do it best.

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Nude Woman