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I love when she gasps onto my lips

When I grab her between the thighs

It’s magic, how much you can do

Just with your good two hands and tongue.

Alternatives to floss? Rejoice!

We get it. We aren’t robots who enjoy sticking string between our teeth. Flossing sucks. But it’s super necessary when it comes to taking care of your mouth. 289 more words

Dental Health

Tell us your questions!

I’m sure you have some burning questions, questions you simply must have answered. What is the meaning of life? Will I find true love? Is mayonnaise an instrument? 59 more words

Dental Health



我們可以透過幾個簡短的職場模板對話 ,進一步學習相關的措詞及片語。


Practical Phrases for Incoming Calls來電實用句式

  1. Please hold/hold the line. [Hold on is informal English]
  2. I’ll put you through to…
  3. 382 more words

Modern Medicine

You have an oral fixation

A what?

An oral fixation

What does that even mean?

It means you like to put things in your mouth… 300 more words


Winter warm up

The rain fell and the wind whistles as I march along the pavement trying to avoid any puddles. I’m soaked to the bone, having given up on my umbrella half a mile back. 1,131 more words