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Hands don't count (and neither does oral)

It has finally happened. I had my first test of celibacy during the infamous “blizzard of 2015″ this week. I’ll call him *A to keep his anonymity. 449 more words


Release: "Bind Me, Love Me Ch.4" by Katase Minami

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Is there anything more romantic than putting a collar on the person you lov–I mean, ahem. The series is almost done; one extra chapter to go. 35 more words


Treating Chronic Adult Periodontitis: ATRIDOX

What is ATRIDOX?

ATRIDOX is an antibiotic gel that is placed gently into your gum pockets where bacteria thrive. It then quickly solidifies to a wax-like substance, slowly releasing the antibiotic to the infected area for 21 days. 153 more words


Dental Implant Installation: Why Is It Crucial?

There’s more to tooth loss than just losing one’s self-esteem. To fix this problem and all its consequences, dental implant installation can be done; however, not everyone who loses a tooth automatically qualifies for having a dental implant and other tooth replacement procedures. 193 more words


Oral presentations


Middle of the day sex

So today was a fun day. I had that always fun middle of the day sex. I was surprised to find my wife in the hallway dressed in nothing but lingere. 79 more words


What is foreplay? What does it involve? Is it even necessary?

Foreplay is a set of emotionally and physically intimate acts between two or more people meant to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity. 150 more words