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The Bet - Day 6

Day 6


The three hour drive to see Michelle and Dave is torturous. Not only because they can see where we are on the highway with an app on our phones, but because he has been teasing me the whole way down. 2,819 more words

Non Monogamous

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The Bet - Day 5

Day 5


The tension in the room is so thick I could cut it with a knife. Yes a little cliche, but the sexual tension has been building all week. 1,055 more words

Non Monogamous


I first met Weston 7 years ago at a beer and music festival I attended with The One That Got Away. Weston was only a teenager and, as the more hardened party-goers amongst us danced and joked into the early hours of the morning, I allowed Weston some sanctuary and a place to sleep in the backseat of my car. 1,028 more words


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Limit Break

Szerző: Alice no Takarabako
Angol fordító: CGRascal
Magyar fordító: Henti
Tag: oral, oppai,housewife, cheating, hentai, ahego

Leírás: Ez történik, mikor nem foglalkozol eleget az asszonnyal…

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The Bet - Day 3 & 4

   Day 4


The next day my phone has been very active with Michelle texting her frustrations. It seems that she is having no luck in making Dave cave. 466 more words

Non Monogamous

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Childhood Destruction ~Big Red Riding Hood and the Little Wolf~

Szerző: Turtle.Fish.Paint
Angol fordító: Second Hand Scans
Magyar fordító: Henti
Tag: femdom, anal, oral, oppai, forced, random, hentai, uncensored… 20 more words