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Indo Myths 4: Half-Human Apes of Borneo (How Mythology Affects Ecology)

Myth Affects Sea Turtles (intro)

In Bali – as in parts of India – sea turtles are sacrificed in major temples under each full moon. Shells cut open, their blood is then drunken – to show thanks to Lord Wishnu for coming to Earth as a giant sea turtle and lifting the world out of the ocean, at the time of creation. 601 more words


Thieving orang-utan mums

Social tool use

Social tool use is the use of manipulation or cooperation to achieve a desired result, and is an important part of primate interactions. 305 more words


The jungles of Borneo, on the look out for Orangutans

The magical number 100 beer!! Unfortunately a shandy in a can but what you gonna do in a muslim country?

No to Durian

Borneo long distance bus style… 548 more words



“Avoiding palm oil may not actually help protect orangutans and other biodiversity. All agriculture has a footprint, and palm oil is a very efficient way of producing vegetable oil – if companies were forced to switch to alternative oils, up to ten times as much land would be needed to meet global demand for vegetable oils. 31 more words