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NEW! 9/04 Frank Bower Jr.'s Gangster Wife #3 Fina Perez Uses Mafioso-tactics and THREATENS Naples Ninja News Staff Via Phone - Fina Perez Will Quickly Learn There Are SEVERE Consequences For Intimidating naplesninjanews.com Staff Or Their Family Or Friends!

  • Gangster Wannabe Fina Perez Contacts Naples Ninja News Staff Members By Phone and Demands Entire Site Be Taken Down Immediately!
  • Fina Perez To Learn CRITICAL Lessons That Gotti/Mafioso-Type Tactics Will Be Met With SEVERE CONSEQUENCES On NUMEROUS FRONTS!
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Soldier Ninja Pastor Mayor

"Nigger" Hating John Gotti Disciple and Soldier Frank Bower Jr. Feels Heat In Sheriff Demings' Orange County Jail

  • Wise Judge Shea Keeps Community Safe – Nasty Ninja Crew Leader Kept In Orange County Cage Where He Belongs
  • Incompetent Ex-Sheriff and Hood-winked Neighbor Delores Travis Refuses To Accept Fact She Was Slam-Dunked By Bower-Perez Con Team…
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Frank Bower Jr.