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Pizza, zoo and Game of Thrones! [spoilers ahead?]

The past few days have been wonderful. My boyfriend has been at home for the Easter holidays meaning I don’t get to see him at all, but he came back up to Manchester for a few days to see me which was super nice. 264 more words


Helping the Orangutans

Last weekend my friends and I set up a stall at our local shops to sell fun loom bands to help raise money for the orang-utans.   106 more words


April the 5th, 2014 - The Day I Committed to Palm Oil & Animal Cruelty Free

What does a 23 year old female spend their Saturday night doing? Surely not researching the evils of unsustainable palm oil use, and subsequently committing to going palm-oil free and, heck, animal-cruelty free (why not)? 1,036 more words

My palm oil boycott (and how to make homemade Twix tartlets)

In December 2010 I read an article in Smithsonian magazine called “A Quest to Save the Orangutan.”  The article focused on a woman in Borneo who has made it her life mission to protect orangutans from habitat loss due to loggers, poachers, gold miners, and palm oil plantations.  1,000 more words


Orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants under attack in Sumatra - Take Action NOW in the Plan to Win Sustainability in the Tropical Rainfores

Last year over 1.3 million of us called for the protection of the last place on Earth where orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants still roam free together. 614 more words

Environment And Oceans

Dublin Zoo and the Orangutans

Now I have to admit I’ve never been particularly excited by monkeys or apes, don’t know why, I suppose there are always other creatures that interest me more.   351 more words