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Tuanan Orangutan Research Project Brings the Classroom to the Forest! By Dr. Wendy Erb

This June, my colleagues and I from Rutgers University and Universitas Nasional Jakarta launched a new study abroad program aimed at building bridges between Indonesian and American undergraduates, while teaching students about the myriad conservation issues and challenges facing Indonesia’s unique and endangered plants, animals, and ecosystems. 1,218 more words


December 13, 2014 at 08:15PM

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What did our orangutan youngsters Rocky and Basan do when they met for the first time? Just like any teenage boys, they wanted to wrestle.

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Dr Birute Galdikas: born to be wild

People who live in the western countries rarely think about rainforests, orangutans, or the fact that they are going extinct, it just feels too far away. 238 more words


A conservation-minded holiday

It’s a season of excess, with lots of giving, lots of eating and ideally, lots of celebrating. It’s also a time of excess waste – materials for wrapping, fuel for transportation, electricity for holiday lights, the list goes on. 478 more words


Where there's smoke there's an ... orangutan ?

Is that an orangutan in a cage smoking a cigarette ?  I couldn’t believe it – a Smoking Great Ape ! Visitors to the Taru Jurug zoo in Indonesia, had been tossing lit cigarettes into Tori’s cage for at least a decade, and sadly, overtime, as she mimicked the behavior of the tourists, Tori became addicted. 89 more words