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Where there's smoke there's an ... orangutan ?

Is that an orangutan in a cage smoking a cigarette ?  I couldn’t believe it – a Smoking Great Ape ! Visitors to the Taru Jurug zoo in Indonesia, had been tossing lit cigarettes into Tori’s cage for at least a decade, and sadly, overtime, as she mimicked the behavior of the tourists, Tori became addicted. 89 more words


King Louie and the swingers

To be able to see one wild species of ape is a privilege but to see two species (orangutans and gibbons) would be like all my Christmases had come at once. 696 more words


Another Reason to think Harrison Ford is Cool

Harrison Ford may actually be cooler than Han Solo in real life. Perhaps it seems like overkill to have a celebrity trying to make a difference. 65 more words

Orangutan Fruit Salad

I visited the San Diego Zoo recently, and it was amazing!  The orangutans were especially cooperative, hanging out near the glass for us.  I got a good look at four of them, including an impressive flanged male, an adorable infant, and a playful female who preferred to traverse the exhibit by rolling about.   150 more words


Meeting of the "monkey minds"...a day packed with primates.

Now that we live closer to the zoo, I didn’t waste any time in visiting it on Wednesday.  It was a slightly overcast day and the temperature was pleasantly mild-not too hot, not too cold.   184 more words

Weekly photo challenge - descent

The orangutans at camp leakey could hear the calls to the table, ringing through the forest tops……..

They’re descent was something to behold…….

And they would descend fast and gracefully to land on the table top to feast on ubi ( sweet potato), bananas and dollops of milk if they were lucky.

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