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Orangutangled by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen; illustrated by Aaron Zenz (2014)

Have you ever had a hug that ends in a tangle? Earrings hooked into jumpers, bracelets attached to knitwear, that sort of thing? Apparently when you’re an orangutan, your body parts can misbehave and create all sorts of twisty chaos. 112 more words

Read Aloud Preschool

Love Among the Treetops

          Zookeepers in the Netherlands are planning to link Dutch and Indonesian orangutans over the Internet in an effort to save the species by introducing compatible mates. 658 more words


Orangutan asks for help in sign language: a free downloadable lesson

A free downloadable lesson, based around an authentic video produced by the Rainforest Action Network. Students start by discussing and learning some facts about orangutans, before going on to watch a video in which an orangutan appears to ‘talk’ to a 12 year old girl, using sign language. 93 more words


Borneo pt 2 - orangutans and homestay

10 June

Today we rose at 7, leaving just after 8 with Cat, her boyfriend Sufian and friend Zara to drive and see the orangutans. This is one of the only things we didn’t pre-book before coming here: Cat organised it for us as a surprise. 809 more words


Tiergarten Schonbrunn: Vienna's remarkable zoo

We enjoy visiting zoos.

Politically correct or not, zoos have allowed us to observe animals that we might never have seen otherwise – and helped us learn about important wildlife issues. 560 more words


In search of Sumatra's Orangutans

Orangutans. They’re well ginger, well smart and their babies are well cute.

There are without doubt many other animals which are equally as magnificent, some perhaps more so, which we would dearly love to see in the wild one day, but most of these – Lions, Tigers, Rhinos, African Mountain Gorillas – well, they’re all a bit dangerous. 557 more words


The Chase


The land opposite mine  

  densely planted with oil palm

closely populated by a tribe 

 a busy clan never calm

hooligans who take no bribe 

mischievous and up to folly  60 more words