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Orangutans and the Great Ape Conservation Fund

Earlier this month, I wrote about Sandra, an orangutan at the Buenos Aires Zoo and a landmark ruling on animal rights. I am following up with more information about the natural history of orangutans and additional positive stories of the environment from which they directly benefit. 644 more words

Environmental Journalism

Baby Orangutan Spent 10 Months In A Chicken Cage: Exotic Animal Trade To Blame

Budi, a baby orangutan, is another victim of the exotic animal trade. He was fed only condensed milk and kept in a chicken cage, not surprisingly as a result he was horribly malnourished, along with his now swollen body; he is unable to stand or move on his own, and has to be propped up to be fed. 124 more words


Case Solution for Of Orangutans and Chainsaws: Cargill Inc. Confronts the Rainforest Action Network Advocacy

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Of Orangutans and Chainsaws: Cargill Inc. Confronts the Rainforest Action Network Advocacy

Authors :           Ram Subramanian… 184 more words


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What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, in speech how like a… beluga whale and/or orangutan? 551 more words

Sustainable decisions are in the PALM of your hand

So yesterday we talked about one of my personal favorite animals, the Orangutan. This is also an animal that is heavily affected by palm oil plantations in Borneo and Sumatra, due to habitat loss for the plantations. 810 more words


Red Men of the Forest

No, we are talking about those shows about people who live in the wilderness, or call of the wild man. Today, we are talking Orangutans! (Notice the lack of “g” on the end of that, personal pet peeve of mine). 272 more words


Getting to the jungle...

A few weeks ago, which feels like a world away, we had the most incredible experience of our trip, venturing into the Indonesian jungle of Borneo. 711 more words