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The tunnel was great last night!

Adam and I had blast last night. We got a ton of recordings, not so sure about how much video we got however…. We ran into two other random groups of people with us and we ended up having one group join UA for a bit on our investigation, thank you Dylan, Kylie and the other two girls there for the help u gave us… It really helped out. 47 more words


Consumed components

@allenshock1 Correct. Material components are consumed only when a spell says so.

— Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) September 16, 2014

Comics and Cartoons: Day 16

Prompt: Write a multi-panel comic strip.

I experimented with watercolor pastels today. It’s always scary to put pen over pencil and then color over that, because each step could screw something up. 129 more words


Blue shimmery orb from Haunted doll!

Today I went to a car boot sale to see what treats I could find and I ended up buying 5 gorgeous porcelain dolls.

I am quite interested in purchasing spirited dolls and am trying to enhance my ability to feel energies! 69 more words


orbital dreams

i never thought i‘d see the day when i would come up with this sort of art. i simply wasn’t the dreamy type… at all! but here’s solid proof that WE do change, for better or worse. 45 more words

Watercolour Painting

Warped Record? No Problem!

Ever buy a record only to get home and it’s all warped?  I think that’s the bane of my existence as it seems to only happen to me when I have no reasonable ability to return it.   685 more words