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Written by Connie Terpack  I hope you enjoy this Halloween treat.

I felt a change. Something odd. Not a noise exactly–simply a change; almost as though a blink changed the air somehow. 829 more words

peaces of me

Self-dusted drum
beatz over helpless
fired eyes, slumping in the
shadows, floating forward, past
the maple trees. If only an Englishman
would imagine us and we wouldn’t have to be… 39 more words

Inktober 22: ooh shiny

If I get another drawing that I hate like this… I may just totally quit this inktober thing. I didn’t plan out the perspective, proportions, nor study a face in this angle… But I decided to try to make an inked drawing like this. 18 more words


Sunlight or Moonlight

Long lengthening day, are you almost done?
Blazing blistering sun, have you almost set?
The hours pass by slow and sedentary, and I wonder why I woefully sit and wait for this dragging day to end. 283 more words


14 Minutes, 7 Seconds

Here’s a funny one, I played it a few times when I got it, it didn’t make any real impression on me – I’ve revisited it a few times since and again, no impression.  479 more words


PArseObject, noClassDefoundException

i’m having a problem with ParseObject

    ParseObject object = new ParseObject("GameScore");

    object.add("score", "let");

and this is the log.

10-19 13:48:57.217: E/AndroidRuntime(1216): Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.parse.ParseObject$9
… 21 more words

Switching Out the Doorknobs | From Brass to ORB

The first real house project is done!  It was not any big building or demo project, but it is one that made a big difference in each room.   307 more words