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PS4 orb pads

Orb pads bought today from eBay and seem to fit well. Should fix the controller fault which sony acknowledge. Not happened to mine yet but thought I would prevent it happening first and also see it the convex pad helps with battlefield 4 on ps4 aiming. 17 more words


Phenomacon and the Gettysburg Battlefield Ghosts

Robby and I had a fantastic time at Phenomacon in Gettysburg, PA.

We met some of our favorite television stars and some pretty phenomenal ghosts on the Gettysburg Battlefield. 709 more words

Ellicott City

Physical evidence of orbs video posted!

Here is the two orbs that we caught in a random on a whim investigation we did during the broad daylight. We had white noise, myself and my other investigator and some patience but it paid off… We also have an exstensive amount of recording to enhance however I only have a basic audio editor. 155 more words


UFO (ORB) Fires Its Gun into Chemtrail!! Twice!! ~ Crrow777

Interesting…if the footage is real, it may be some kind of partially manifested nature spirit….maybe an inter-dimensional probe, or drone on a mission to neutralize the chemtrail, orrun tests to collect data. 142 more words


Miriam Kendrick

A Lovely comic about the unknown and fears. Great read with lovely artwork!

- Kim

Miriam Kendrick is a freelance artist living and working in Kent. 65 more words

Adventures In Comics

Orb Creation

A first attempt at this type of manipulation…Kind of cool :)