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I now have two pets, Bella (Bella Jane Lewinski) and Bubba Cat.  I love them both very much.  My life has been so enriched by the companionship of such wonderful friends who just happen to be animals.  203 more words


Original MINDER Video (FAIL.)

Now you’ve seen my official MINDER book trailer, I’ll safely confess I attempted making my own video before Matthew Niemann saved me.

My poor little effort was doomed from the start. 427 more words

Saved by a Ghost Priest

“What an excellent day for an Exorcism”

I don’t know about you, but every time I have anything to do with The Exorcist, strange things begin to happen. 823 more words

Ellicott City Ghostly Happenings

"Hiawatha", Translated Into Sammyspeak, by Sammy The Gat

“Song of Howyadoin'”

By the grains of Double G
By the hopped-up Big-Blue-Drink
Hung the cool pad of Nokomis
Birth Chick of the Orb, Nokomis. 53 more words

Short Fiction

The Fool

A fool set out on a journey. Yes a Fool! Everyone who saw him instantly knew that was what he was. His face was so innocent. 1,363 more words


Fiery Orb

TITLE: Fiery Orb

EXHIBITOR: Ladonna Idell

DESCRIPTION: 42 more words

Arts & Crafts

Introducing the OM/ONE: The world's first floating Bluetooth speaker

The OM/One was developed by world class industrial designers and audio engineers to produce sound with no external distortion. By using the force of magnetic levitation, the speaker actually floats about an inch off its base, allowing you to spin it around in mid-air while listening to the audio. 264 more words