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The Revival of European Fascism

I guess some things never change.

The Great Recession and the instability it provoked across the world weighs heavily on the peoples of Europe, and the backlash from austerity and the influx of immigrants from countless nations has taken on a disturbingly familiar shape. 2,071 more words

Hungarian ‘Orbanomics’ mean unpredictability for foreign businesses

Foreign investors and businesses will remain under pressure for another four years as Hungarian right-wing party, Fidesz, secures a legislative supermajority for a second-term.

In the past term (2010-2014), Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, along with his right-wing party, Fidesz, has embarked on his policy agenda of market centralisation, economic statistism, and nationalism. 737 more words


Bang voor de donder terwijl het huis in brand staat

De Volkskrant laat vandaag weer even zien dat West-Europese media niets, maar dan ook helemaal niets, begrijpen van de politieke crisis in Europa. Vandaag bericht zij… 576 more words

Intenzioni di voto

  A.B. noto alcolista, compare miomalgrado di champions in Tv alla bettola:   – vai a votare? – domani la Juve col Lione. la Juve vince. la Juve è una buona squadra. 181 more words

Estrema Destra

Hungarian elections 2014, disenchantment among young professionals

Most of the people I have spoken with about the upcoming parliamentary elections in Hungary (6 April 2014) have uttered a great discontent regarding the parties that are running in the elections. 330 more words


Ukraine-Crimea; Crimea-Ukraine - Putin's Uncertain Arcs of Power

RT America’s Liz Wahl resigns live on air – YouTube - 3/5/2014.

* * *

Ukrainian television was switched off in Crimea on Thursday and replaced with Russian state channels. 788 more words


Polish journalist on Hungarian Orban, book promoted by PM's office

My father received a postal ad from a published at his German address. Nothing necessarily particular, you would say. However, the ad was about the German translation of a book written by a Polish journalist on the topic of the incumbent Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán. 288 more words