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Hahaa, now that’s a way to start a post. Two major scandals have erupted in Hungary over the course of the last week or so. While I am, as usual, highly sceptical of the outcome, anything that breaks the ice around the government is a welcome development. 982 more words


PNL înaintează joi Avocatului Poporului cererea de sesizare a CCR pe OUG privind aleșii locali

Partidul Național Liberal va înainta joi Avocatului Poporului cererea de sesizare a Curții Constituționale privind excepția de neconstituționalitate a OUG nr.55 /2014 privind migrația aleșilor locali. 371 more words

The Lines on His Face

Prime Minister Orbán’s physiognomy: deep asymmetrical furrows, taught lines spreading like stress cracks across his face and forehead; glassy, bloodshot, bulbous eyes; incongruous primary features that defy the mind’s attempt to place them into a unified whole.  207 more words