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Teutonic Shift

On November 6, 2014 Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made a seemingly routine trip to Munich to visit Minister-President Horst Seehofer of Bavaria. The stated purpose of the meeting between Orbán and Seehofer was to discuss issues related to the Hungarian state’s purchase of MKB Bank from the Bayerische Landesbank (Bavarian State Bank) earlier in the fall ( 1,137 more words


Khamenei-Putin | Dark Radiance

Putin-Khamenei | Moscow-Tehran | ME-E.Europe-SA (Some) : two dragons-two fires | one sickness.


Putin-Assad-Khamenei / Khamenei-Putin



I telegraph online impression via schematics like “mouth –> ear –> mind –> heart system” to get a much larger constellation in through down to something almost memorable. 1,490 more words


NYT vs. RT

On November 7, 2014, both the New York Times and the website of the state-run television station Russia Today (RT) published articles about Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his administration. 186 more words


Dystopian Distress

Why are dystopian stories just so appealing to us? Why does the end of the world and society as we know it make for such appealing material? 388 more words

Largo ai giovani!

“Ci saranno due discorsi brevi, poi ci muoviamo in corteo” … ma quando i brevi discorsi con qualche contenuto e critiche alle politiche fiscali, finiscono (e le luci smettono di inquadrare i dipendenti del ministero delle finanze qui sopra la piazza che credendosi al sicuro sbucano dietro le tende) e il corteo inizia a incolonnarsi, ci mettiamo parecchio tempo prima di muoverci. 1,163 more words


A Tale of Two Protests

Hmm, this was interesting. In the last post, I mentioned that two protests were organised for last week. The first, on October 23 was meant to give voice to a general anti-establishment sentiment and intended to draw in the people who are more aligned to NGOs than to political parties. 1,036 more words


Free internet in free country

sottotitolo: – Possono anche portarci via il nostro futuro, ma non il porno in HD

I parteciperò su facebook erano arrivati a 40.000 in piazza ce n’erano ancora di piu. 1,121 more words

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