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The town of the magician.

The only class that could advance at level 8 instead of 10.

They relied on INT (Intelligence) as their main damage formula stat, while requiring some LUK (Luck) as a secondary stat for equipment. 494 more words

The Orbis Typewriter

I’m on dangerous ground here. For the last 6 months I have been largely concentrating my collecting activity on German machines – specifically Olympias, and I have been trawling ebay.de looking for specific typewriters for my collection. 1,473 more words


Train Thoughts: Writer's Block

Thirty minutes left of my train ride. I’m drifting off into a half-awake, half-sleep state and that’s a point where I get really philosophical. No distractions, no friends to talk to, just me an Michael Jackson for half an hour. 405 more words