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Friday Fun Flick, Easter Edition

My daughter, while an adult, still wants an Easter Basket.  This year I had to find the chocolate cross and to my surprise, chocolate Jesus Fish.   159 more words

Orbs Shoot Beams Into Chemtrail [video]

Thank you, anonymous! Nice!

Here’s evidence that the Galactics are using their technologies to neutralize the chemtrails, as we’ve been told.  ~ BP

What's Happening On The Galactic Front

Stunning UFO (ORB) Fires Its Gun Into Chemtrail!! Twice!! (Video)

(N.Morgan) In the video presentation below, it shows an orb shooting down chemtrails. It appears that they are trying to dispose of the chmetrails. 291 more words

Conspiracy Theories

Letters of Letters from the President of the United Windom

We are embarking on a journey now. Together we will fly into the unseen world of

energy life to retrieve important information for the population… 618 more words



While laying on my bed I occasionally look at my arms or hand or leg and watch spirit energy flow on the surface of my skin. 125 more words



I know. I know. You’re amused by my appearance and you probably think I look stupid and nerdy. I think you have the idea that I am some kind of dumb moron. 544 more words