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Spooky Video: 'Ghosts' caught on camera!

ROMFORD, England — A closed circuit TV camera captured some spooky shenanigans recently  just hours after a psychic medium hosted a show at the Brookside Theatre in England, according to the… 249 more words


Do we have visitors from another dimension?!

Apparently a guest who was supposed to be staying last night thinks so!  She left within minutes of being shown her room, claiming that she felt ‘a presence’. 171 more words

What's Happening At Taincwm

Look what I found in a charity shop this morning, I love it! I’m obsessed with resin pieces especially orbs and dandelions :D Meeeps

Review: ORBS by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

After the solar storms of 2055, portions of our planet are desolate and irradiated. Six years later, Dr. Sophie Winston and her team are sequestered in an underground biome in preparation for a mission to save the world. 547 more words


CROP CIRCLES STRANGE PHENOMENA : Robbert van den Broeke tested under strong conditions

This video is a sequence from CALLING EARTH, Dan Drasin’s full-length documentary-in-progress about communication with the deceased through modern electronic technology.

You can see the latest version on Dan’s website, … 70 more words


2 orbs at 2 am in my room

Woke this am about 130 or 2 and saw two glowing orbs with my eyes open and rolled out of bed (quite literally) and did my meditation.   71 more words


Para.Science - Orbs ARE a Load of Balls

For some believers in the paranormal, the site of orbs in a photo is confirmation of a spirit energy. To people like me, orbs are nothing more than something like dust. 54 more words