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[WoW Thing] I led a raid and I liked it / hope my guild leader don't mind it...

This is exactly how I feel when I put something I painted last week next to something I painted ten years ago. It may not be quite up to the current standards and vogue of ultra-realistic gritty brown bullshit, but there’s a tangible improvement in quality that leaves the newer piece slightly out of place compared to its surroundings. 386 more words

World Of Warcraft

Blood Sand Orc

Was thinking- what if the mask of samurai was based on the face of an orc.


One Room Challenge Week 3: Big Girl Room

It’s always hard to believe you’re at the half way point in One Room Challenge when week 3 rolls around. Yet, here we are and operation Big Girl Room is still in effect with lots to do! 767 more words

My Right To Be a Butterface OR How Blizzard Nerfed My Tits

For the past decade, you’ve been suffering from a few minor medical problems:

  1. 1.  Slight muscle paralysis that limits the full use of your face muscles.  
  2. 1,082 more words

Mountain Orc

Mountain Orc

Mountain orcs look vaguely like primitive humans but are a fair bit taller. They have stocky, powerful necks, and their bestial heads seem to sit directly on their massive shoulders. 96 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

Shadow of Mordor an Orc's Dirty Mind

Sometime’s you don’t always want to know what’s going on in an Orc’s mind..

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- Colleen