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Regarding Orcs and Their Origins

At the beginning, there were no orcs. Orcs and Orckin came about due to a curse, if the stories are to be believed. A curse on the Balado tribe of man, before the First Age, in the Forgotten Times. 383 more words


The One Cheque To Rule Them All

This is a rather special post in honour of one of my earliest and most loyal fans. Christine Buras, excellent soprano and musicologist, has her birthday on this very day, and this post is dedicated to her. 

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Myth Update #3 - Skeletons and Orc

Today, I have for your enjoyment, a batch of Skeletons and an Orc captain. I am a bit behind on picture updates, but that is because I am focussing on churning out all these awesome models. So much fun! :D


From “The Orcish Memory Hall” by Denny C. Franke

The mamihamur of Padihamurah Tuul in Westingbrooke conducted weekly classes in the Memory Hall there, sharing his learned opinion on the interpretation of the Hamurabash… 442 more words


Kevin "Goblinmaster" goodness

What Kevin is upto. This may be a Kickstarter next year.
Can’t wait. 8 more words

Toy Soldiers

Otago Regional Council conflict of interest

This is the sort of bizarre thing’s that happen in councils around New Zealand. We have another council that is buying into a 1080 factory. In that area people hate 1080, yet their a voted in council….. 864 more words

NZ Politics

Myth Update #1

The first models are completed for prototype colour schemes on the minions. Since they are in blocks of 15-20, it is usually a good idea to to a few test models first before committing to a scheme. 29 more words