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Sins of the Father

Zipporah has never even met her elven father. Yet she longs to find him, and is blinded by her mother’s unwarranted love for him. All the while, a human man has raised and taken care of both Zipporah and her mother. 126 more words




Orogs are orcs who live and thrive in the Underdark. They look like normal mountain orcs but are slightly taller, with larger ears and huge pale eyes. 136 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

I have too many hobbys - Warhammer V Songs of Blades and Heroes.

I have not posed here in a very long time – I am still taking photos – but have been lazy and just putting them on my facebook page. 176 more words

Dungeons and Dragons Session Log 02

This post will be about the second session of my Classic Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. This session was played on July 5, 2014.

The cast of characters for session 02 was as follows (all are level 1): 4,521 more words

Caves Of Chaos

Prince Of Wales' Food & Farming Summer School 16th-18th July

This conference actually started today at the Organic Research Centre at Elm Farm in Newbury, but I had too much veg to pick, deliveries to make and beans to weed to attend the first day unfortunately. 232 more words


Monster Monday- July 14, 2014


This week’s monster is an orc warlord ready to rally the troops into battle. Orcs often find there way into my sketch book, along with goblins and treefolk and lots of other creatures. 47 more words